NSK SurgicPro+

NSK SurgicPro+

NSK SurgicPro+


Surgic Pro+ for Implant and Oral Surgery


Multi Function Brushless Surgical Micromotor with USB data storage facility. Intelligent, intuitive and accurate. One unit for many surgical applications with USB port for easy data storage. Control unit with Advanced Handpiece Calibration (AHC) – High Torque Accuracy NSK Surgic Pro+ automatically calibrates the micromotor and the handpiece to the rotational resistance of each individual handpiece prior to operation. Surgic Pro+ offers speed and high torque accuracy for maximum safety during operation.

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About SurgicPro+


  • Variable Speed 200–40,000 min
  • Torque 5-80Ncm
  • Power 210W
  • Ergonomics Lightweight and compact
  • Noise and Vibration Minimal
  • Illumination LED

Surgic Pro+ With 20:1 HP LED + USB Code: NSK-Y1001932

Surgic Pro with 20:1 HP LED Code: NSK-Y1001933

Surgic Pro with 20:1 HP Non Optic Code : NSK-Y1001934

Surgic Pro+ with 20:1 Dismantleable HP, LED + USB Code NSK-Y1002096

Link the SURGICPRO+ & VARIOSURG3 for dual power and performance with the link function. Two units-one foot control.

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