Thermal Disinfector

Thermal Disinfector

Thermal Disinfector


Protection and Validation

Benefits of washer disinfectors for dental practices.

Efficient. Automatic, cleaning, disinfection and drying. No more manual processing.
Cost effective. Machine washing frees up staff to spend more time chair side.
Safe. Standardised cleaning process – repeatable, recordable, consistent results.
Flexible. Programs to suit specific needs, including hollow instruments and handpieces.
Miele Thermal Disinfectors. Infection control for patients and health care staff.

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The PG 8581 is the ideal washer-disinfector for dental surgeries, thanks to its safe and reproducible cleaning and disinfection of dental instruments. The PG 8581 features improved performance, capacity, and safety standards, allowing you to clean quickly and efficiently, whilst not compromising on cleaning standards.

Like all washer-disinfectors in the PG85 range, the PG 8581 boasts an increased chamber capacity, and thanks to a wide selection of accessories and processes that reflect every day, practical needs, delivers perfect results – increased capacity allows for a higher turnover of equipment, and thanks to quick dry methods, your expensive instruments can be clean and dry in next to no time.

Safety – the PG 8581 raises the benchmarks in terms of hygiene and safety. Instrument reprocessing is closely monitored throughout the cycle, and any issues or loss in pressure is immediately identified.

The interior chamber is welded together using lasers, ensuring that there are no crevices or cracks where dirt might build up, while a large filter guarantees optimal protection against blockages of instruments.

The integrated multi-stage filtration system is also highly efficient at removing dirt particles from the water in circulation. The door is easy to close and takes little effort, thanks to the AutoClose feature, while EcoDry opens the door automatically at the end of the cycle, releasing hot and moisture laden air out so that items can cool down faster.

Miele White

MIE-69732801 E328 Support insert

Suitable for use in Mesh trays E146

MIE-69536301 E363

For upright support of single and double ended instruments.

MIE-69513102 E131/1

Insert for lower basket only, suitable for 5 cassettes

MIE-69513001 E130

Insert (1/2) for lower basket, for 10 trays

MIE-69552301 E523

Insert Holds 6+ cassettes. Fits in upper or lowerbasket. Recommended insert for Hu-Friedy cassettes.

MIE-69514601 E146

Mesh tray (1/6) with lid for hand instruments. 25/32˝ x 57/8˝ x 827/32˝, constructed in 1/16˝ and 3/32˝ wire mesh.

MIE69537901 E379

Half universal mesh tray (1/2) 315/16˝ x 71/16˝ x 183/32˝ for various utensils, made of 1/16˝ wire mesh.

MIE-69533702 E337

Mesh tray (1/6)as E 363, but with instrument holders.

MIE-69537801 E378

Full universal mesh tray (1/1) 315/16˝ x 183/32˝ x 183/32˝.

MIE-69533902 E339

Insert (3/5) for lower basket, for 16 tray bases.

MIE-69536301 E363

Mesh tray (1/6) As E 146, but constructed of 1/32˝ wire mesh.

MIE-68514703 E147

Insert (2/5) for lower basket, for miscellaneous items.

MIE-69533801 E338

Insert (3/5) for upper and lower baskets, for 8 half trays.

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