NSK VarioSurg3

NSK VarioSurg3

NSK VarioSurg3


for Piezo Surgery


Multi-Function Piezo Electric Unit for Minimally Invasive Surgery Sinus lifts, extractions and bone grafting are all too simple for this powerful and intuitive machine. Eliminates heat and reduces bleeding during operation. Ergonomics and visibility. Optic handpiece is lightweight and slimline – Safe. Soft tissue damage is minimal even during accidental contact. Accuracy and precision. Minimal blood during cavitation ensures a clearer surgical site.

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About VarioSurg3


  • Major Power Boost
  • 3 Modes (SURG, ENDO, PERIO)
  • Selectable Burst Mode for added power
  • 9 Programs (SURG x 5, ENDO x 2, PERIO x 2)
  •  Adjustable LED Light Intensity
  •  Automatic Cleaning Mode
  •  Feedback Function
  • Auto Tuning Function
  •  Dynamic Link Feature
  • Major Power Boost – Up 50 Percent
  • Capable of generating a maximum of 150 percent of the power its predecessor produced (in Surg Mode), the VarioSurg3 effectively shortens treatment time in combination with any of the sharp tips available.

* When setting power level more than 100 percent, please make sure to use tips that correspond to high power.


  • Exceptional service

    “We always find your service exceptional all the time.”

    Eric Davis Dental (Margate)

  • The service is perfect!

    “You can’t do anything better, it’s perfect! From the girls at reception to the tech boys who come out to service our equipment or help us with our enquiries/problems.”

    Galleon Way Dental

  • No hassles, all perfect

    “I would like to thank each and every person involved in our new surgery set up. No hassles, all perfect. Many, many thanks to all. It was such a wonderful outcome.”

    The Team at Mooloolah Dental