None of my dental chairs are working why?

This is usually related to the dental compressor. The dental chairs need air to operate. Check the compressor and see if there is power and the pressure gauge is reading above 80psi on the pressure gauge.

My A-dec chair isn’t working first up this morning but all the other A-dec dental chairs are fine, what is the issue?

At the base of the chair at floor level on the right side is a main power switch check to see if it is depressed. Cleaners and sometimes staff knock the button turning the chair off.

The autoclave has an error message stating issues with the feed water quality but we have an automatic water feed system, how has this happened?

Check when the water filters were last replaced, this is the cause 99% of time. Call Dental Depot and we will organise replacement filters.

There is no water coming from my one or more of the handpieces or scaler?

Check the Water Adjustment knobs on the right-hand side of the Bracket Table, there is an adjustment for each line make sure they are not turned off (wound fully anticlockwise). If the issue relates just to a high-speed handpiece line, swap the coupling and then the high speed handpiece with a known good one as the water pathways within your coupling or handpiece may be blocked;

My handpiece stopped working?

Always firstly swap the handpiece with a known good handpiece that will confirm if it is the handpiece or a tubing issue.

What can I clean my chair upholstery with?

No need for expensive chemicals, just a simple neutral detergent (Morning Fresh Dishwashing Liquid) is fine.