10 Signs Your Dental Chair Needs an Upgrade

10 Signs Your Dental Chair Needs an Upgrade
April 12, 2019 Vividus Admin

Is your dental chair looking tired these days and you’ve been thinking about upgrading, but you’re not sure what else to check before doing so?

Big purchases such as dental chairs are expensive, but if any of the following 10 points ring true for you, it’s probably a sign that your dental chair needs upgrading:

1. Bad Lighting

Does your dental chair have poor lighting?

If your lighting setup is not optimal, it can cause all sorts of problems. A correct light setup and dental chair combination are essential for the dentist and their technicians. This ensures that the oral cavity can be lit correctly and minimal moving is necessary while the dentist operates. If you’re having to continually adjust your light, your setup is likely not optimal, and it may be time to look at upgrading your chair if you’re happy with your current lighting setup.

2. Noisy/ Leaking Hydraulics

Failing hydraulics become noisy and may even start to leak or weep hydraulic fluid. Not only is this a health hazard in a sterile environment such as a dental practice, but it is also an eyesore. If your chair is leaking hydraulic fluid, it’s time to upgrade considering most newer chairs operate on a hydraulic lift cylinder that is engineered for a 20yr life span.

3. Failing Upholstery & Foam

Failing upholstery is a visible sign that your dental chair needs upgrading. While re-upholstering is an option, if your chair has reached the point that its upholstery is failing, it’s likely that it’s nearing the end of its life, unless it’s one of the newer A-dec chair models, which are quite easy to reupholster. Perhaps your upholstery is still in good condition, but the foam is failing. This is extremely uncomfortable for patients and should be tended to at once.

4. Worn base

The base is one of the most critical pieces of a dental chair. It provides support and structure for the chair, and if it is worn or starting to show signs of deterioration, it may be time to think about upgrading. Not only could the chair fall or topple with taller/larger patients, if aesthetically it is not very pleasing, but patients might also be hesitant to return.

5. Old technology

As technology advances, your chair needs to keep up. There is no use in having the best equipment and a dated chair. This goes from the mounting points for lighting to radius delivery depending on if you’re left or right-handed. Many of the newer A-dec models have a superior ultra-thin, flexible back to allow dentists to tuck their knees under the backrest.

6. Infection control

Newer chairs sport the newest and most up-to-date bacteria resistant materials.

While older models of chairs played a pivotal part in the history of dental practices, they certainly are not cut from the same cloth that current models of chairs are produced. Newer chairs sport the newest and most up-to-date bacteria resistant materials. If your chair is quite old, this is a point that shouldn’t be ignored.

7. Ergonomics

Noticing that your back is sore after a long day at work or perhaps your neck is starting to ache from an incorrect seating position. While we often think about our patients and how comfortable we want them to be, you shouldn’t forget about yourself. Being a dentist can be a painful profession if your seating setup is not ergonomic.

8. Specialised equipment

As your skill set increases, the demand will likely rise for more specialised equipment. If you’re finding that performing specific tasks is becoming more arduous, then perhaps your dental chair is not compatible with your current or future needs. Many chairs are designed with specific patients or functions in mind, which is something to think about when upgrading your current dental chair.

9. Servicing

Are you noticing that you’re currently servicing your dental chair more and more often? This is a common occurrence for chairs that are failing. Not only are you spending more money, but you’re losing more due to downtime of your chair.

10. Aesthetics

Recently refurbished your practice and now your chair just does not fit the style of your modern practice? This is not uncommon. Often practice owners are so caught up in how their new practices are going to look that they forget about their dental chairs!

If you’ve asked yourself the question “do I really need a new chair?” and any of the points mentioned above were something that you thought about, the answer is likely yes. As with any purchases though, be prepared to spend. You get what you pay for, and in a profession such as the dental industry, only the best will do. Contact Dental Depot today to see our full range of dental chairs and other products we offer.