5 Tips to Calm Your Patient’s Nerves

5 Tips to Calm Your Patient’s Nerves
February 27, 2020 Vividus Admin

People rarely get excited about going to the dentist. A lot of people tend to dislike the idea altogether, and other people have full-blown anxiety-inducing phobias of going to the dentist. While it may seem as though the nerves are out of control, even minor changes can make a big difference. Below are 5 of the best ways to calm a patient’s nerves:

Coloured glasses

Almost everyone hates the glare of the harsh, high-powered dental light that hangs immediately above you when you’re in the dental chair. For people with anxiety about attending their dental appointment, these lights often increase their tension and fear. Unfortunately, as a dentist, you need this light in order to treat and clean a patient’s mouth properly-especially the dark corners. However, some dentists have found a very clever solution: coloured glasses. Offering a pair of coloured glasses to your patient will block out the stress-inducing light and has the potential to transform their experience completely.


It’s vital you have open and easy communication with all of your patients but especially the nervous and anxious ones. Talk to them like a regular human being and in easy to understand language (without patronising them). Ask them about their specific fears or worries and see if there’s anything you can do to alleviate them. Something as simple as telling them what you’re doing as you do it, throughout the appointment may really help to ease their nerves.

Create a Calming Environment

Pale blues, violets, and greens have been scientifically proven to be calming so incorporating these into your dental fit-out could have a massively positive impact on all of your patients- especially nervous ones. What’s more, creating a feature wall with greenery or adding plants throughout your practice helps to create a peaceful environment. In general, when designing your practice, you should avoid creating a cold and clinical atmosphere but instead think along the lines of a spa or luxurious hotel lobby.

Calming Sounds

Calming, melodic music is one of the easiest ways to help control your patients’ nerves. Healthcare professionals in various specialties have been witnessing the effects of music on patients for years now so this one is well worth a go. However, another calming sound that is less often used in treatment rooms is calming waters. Whether you play a recording or have a small water feature installed in the room, the sound of running water has been proven to be very effective in calming anxiety in people. It so is likely to have a positive effect on nervous patients.

Pay Attention to Pain Control

A lot of nervous patients often associate the dentist with pain which is a big factor in their fear. Ensure you are giving patients sufficient pain control and relief as any unnecessary pain will simply serve to reinforce the negative and anxious associations they have with going to the dentist.

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