5 Tips to Help You Give Kids a Positive Dental Experience

5 Tips to Help You Give Kids a Positive Dental Experience
October 14, 2019 Vividus Admin

People have been scared of going to the dentist for years, and we thought it was time to change that. It is important to create a positive dental experience for everyone, but the real change comes from having positive dental experiences from an early age, so kids don’t grow up fearing their annual check-up. We put together a few tips to help your practice give kids the best dental experience:

Parent communication

It is essential to have excellent communication with parents even before their kids first visit to your practice. Schedule an office visit where kids can explore, get to know you and your staff, have a little play and build trust before their actual check-up. Don’t be shy about talking to them, and suggesting pre-visits to your practice, parents play an essential role in helping give their kids a positive experience.

Make your office kid-friendly

Kids are more visual than adults, creating an environment designed to make children comfortable is vital. Using bright colours and fun designs can help them feel more at ease. Activity tables and toys are also a great asset to have in your waiting room. This helps take the nervous anticipation away and help kids relax before their check-up. A fun environment can really make a difference, and it may also make kids want to return!

Take breaks

Typically, kids are very active and impatient, which can be troublesome when you are trying to get things done. That is why we recommend making kids appointments a little longer than usual to allow some break times if the child is feeling uncomfortable or upset. This also helps to keep the office mood positive and parents more relaxed.

Explain, explain, explain

Kids are curious! Making sure you explain what you are doing in kid-friendly terms can help get them involved in the process and enjoy it more. For kids, it can be stressful not knowing what is going on, ensure you keep communicating with them throughout their visit; getting them to participate as much as you can.

Give Compliments

Kids love to hear how great they are. Focus your comments on complementing their teeth and smile. They will be more excited about the process if they know they have awesome teeth!

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