Dental Equipment Holiday Shutdown Procedures

Dental Equipment Holiday Shutdown Procedures
December 20, 2019 Vividus Admin

Make sure all your dental equipment is turned off correctly before your clinic closes for the holidays. Dental Depot has created this easy-to-follow guide so you can confidently close the doors for Christmas or any other holidays knowing that all your dental equipment is shut down properly.

Suction Unit Shutdown

The shut-down procedure for suction units is one of the most important. After completing daily cleaning with Pulijet (for Cattani units) or Orotol (for Durr units), you should run the Suction for at least 5-10 mins with the cannula(s) open in the surgery to help purge the lines of any remaining moisture/cleaner. This will help prevent the unit from seizing when you resume usage.

Cattani Users! Watch the video below for what to do for suction unit shutdown.

Durr Users! Watch this:

Compressors Shutdown Instructions

Turn off at the power outlet, bleed air pressure off in the surgery using the triplex air button or running the highspeed line (without handpiece and water turned off).

Autoclave Shutdown Instructions

LISA AUTOCLAVE: Quick steps to maintain W&H Steriliser if not in use for more than 7 days. Drain the system first by following the instructions below.

Turn off the autoclave at the wall outlet.

  1. Open the steriliser service door.
  2. Put a container below the sterilizer (5 l (1.3 gal) minimum) and place the end of the drain tube in it.
  3. To drain the used water, insert the drain tube connector in the grey port.
  4. To drain the clean water, insert the drain tube connector in the blue port.
  5. When the water has been completely drained, press the release button to remove the drain tube and close the service door.      
  6. Clean and Dry both tanks.


The water pump of the steriliser could be completely dry (running very loud), and this would require a manual pumping of the inlet water tube to prime the pump and let it start again. Should this occur, please call Dental Depot 1800 333 768 / 07 3857 0011.


Turn off the supply tap/valve to the water treatment system and to flush the cartridge with the proper flush button on the head (if fitted). This will release the pressure and some water from the cartridge, but not all.

Lisa Autoclave ioDent graphic


Empty double jacket You have the option of draining the water in the double jacket steam generator easily via the program Draining in the SPECIAL menu.

In order to do so, the autoclave is heated once, building up pressure in the double-jacket so that the water can be drained fully from the double jacket steam generator. Switch off the autoclave in the program end graphic Drainage completed so that the autoclave does not feed water back into the double jacket.

If you would like to decommission the autoclave (put it out of operation) for a longer period, for instance, because of holidays or a planned shut-down, proceed as follows:
– Switch the autoclave off at the mains switch.
– Pull the power plug from the wall socket.
– Drain and clean both clean and dirty tanks (if accessible)
– Leave the door ajar. This relieves the door seal from premature fatigue.
– Turn off the cooling water inlet and if applicable also the water feed of the water treatment unit.

Inactivity Status if longer than 3 months:
Conduct a vacuum test and thereafter an empty sterilization with the Quick-Program S.


A-dec Chairs

There are no special requirements, and they can be left in any position. However, it’s best practice to leave them in the entry/exit position.

A-dec delivery systems – If they are not used for longer than a week, remove the couplings and motors to prevent existing debris in the lines causing blockages.

Then flush all water lines with a full bottle of water with an ICX Tablet. Once the bottle is empty continue to flush all the lines until only air is coming out. And don’t forget the triple syringes! This will minimise biofilm growing.

The emptied A-dec water bottle should be placed upside down on a paper towel to dry.

Once you are ready to begin using the systems again, perform a shock treatment to make sure the waterlines are cleaned and ready for use in accordance with local guidelines and resume daily use of A-dec ICX waterline treatment tablets.

Adec Waterline Maintenance Guide

If performing a shock treatment when the equipment refer to the official manufacturer’s recommendation. Adec Bleach Protocol

  • Care should be taken to assure the bleach to water ratio is correct.

Note: The linked Adec Waterline Maintenance Guide above specifies household bleach with 5.25% sodium hypochlorite. The concentration of sodium hypochlorite in commercial bleach solutions available in different markets may vary. As long as the sodium hypochlorite is in the range of 5-8%, the protocol may be followed using 1/10 dilution. If the commercial bleach concentration is greater than 8%, the amount of bleach in the prepared solution should be reduced to achieve 0.5% to 0.8% in the mixed solution.

  • The solution only remains in the water lines for 10-30 minutes (best to target the lower end of this range).
  • Solution is purged with air and flushed with water through all handpieces tubings and air/water syringes at the end of the treatment.

Note: This last point is particularly important, otherwise the bleach solution could remain in one or more waterline for an extended period.

If strictly followed, this protocol will not cause damage to the dental unit.

There may be competitors offering other solutions for shock or maintenance treatment for our equipment however the above is the most current and correct manufacturer’s recommendation for DUWL maintenance procedure on A-dec equipment.  As per attached guide A-dec recommends a 3- stage protocol, in Maintain, Monitor and Shock, for effective waterline care.

Miele Thermal Washers:

Turn the power off to the machine
Turn the water/taps off

All other equipment:

Providing it is all turned off from the mains (Plant room, X-rays etc.) there shouldn’t be any maintenance needed before closing.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us.