Dentists, Tell Your Patients All About The Benefits Of ‘Perio Plus’ Support By Curaprox

Dentists, Tell Your Patients All About The Benefits Of ‘Perio Plus’ Support By Curaprox
July 20, 2021 Vividus Admin

Amid a worldwide pandemic, many people are looking for the best way to help safeguard you, your staff, and even your patients from contracting the virus – especially while out and about in public.

It’s no secret that saliva is one of the most common ways of transmitting it. Unfortunately, a lot of that saliva is traveling in air particles unbeknownst to those involved. As dentists, it’s not surprising that this fact comes hand-in-hand with the increased anxiety of exposure at work – being a field that works exclusively in the mouth. Luckily, there is a new mouthwash on the block that is about to shake up COVID-19 as we know it.

The New Mouthwash On The Block

‘Perio Plus’ Support by Curaprox has been headlining all of the latest dental news as it contains ß-cyclodextrin and citrox (bioflavonoids) and is the first of its kind in preventative measures for COVID-19.

The Evidence To Prove It

In a recent study, researchers from Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University in Lyon in France had 176 COVID-19 patients who ranged from being asymptomatic to mildly symptomatic to use the product three times a day for one week to measure both the short-term and longer-term effects of the product.

The results showed that after just four hours, the viral load within the mouth of these subjects was reduced by a massive 71%, aiding the immune system and helping control the start of the infection. Furthermore, the Curaprox mouthwash showed significant benefits for those with a higher viral load after seven days of use.

Perio Plus Support In Your Clinic

So, where does this new form of oral healthcare fit into the dental industry? Perio Plus Support was already a highly effective product in reducing bacteria, improving mucosa regeneration and supporting the teeth. Although, Perio Plus Support was usually the kind of product you would give to a client after dental surgery.

Now, Perio Plus Support has a preventative use too – for both your staff and your patients. There are many ways that we’d suggest introducing this mouthwash into your dental clinic, such as; encouraging staff to use the mouthwash as part of their daily routines (*for up to one month), asking patients to use the mouthwash before arriving at appointments, and even as part of a take-home pack for those who attend the clinic.

Ultimately, in whatever way you choose to introduce Perio Plus Support to your clinic, the benefits can help safeguard your staff, patients, and your ongoing business from any potential COVID-19 infections.

Perio Plus Support Is Available At Dental Depot

Purchase Perio Plus Support through Dental Depot – one of Queensland’s most trusted dental industry professionals. For more information on the product, or to chat with one of our friendly, expert representatives, contact us or give us a call on (07) 3857 0011.