Digitising Dentistry: Is Your Dental Equipment Outdated?

Digitising Dentistry: Is Your Dental Equipment Outdated?
October 7, 2017 Vividus Admin

It’s more important than ever to be embracing the digital in dentistry. In fact, a study conducted by Biesdorf and Niedermann (2014) states that “more than 75% of all patients expect to use digital services in the future.” Do you want your dental practice to be left behind? Here’s how to meet your customer’s expectations in a digital age of healthcare.

Don’t let lack of training hold you back

Let’s face it; many dentists are stuck in the comfortable past. You know how to use your equipment effectively, even if it’s a little outdated. You don’t want to invest the time and money into purchasing high-tech equipment if you’re going to come off looking like a dunce while trying to figure out how to use it. But this doesn’t need to be the case! Dental Depot offer training and support for you and your staff so that you can operate your shiny new equipment like a pro, and impress the socks off your patients!

Convincing management

A major hurdle in incorporating digital tools, equipment and services into your practice lies with management. The big guys up the top – whether this is your franchisee or GM – sometimes don’t see what goes on at the ground level. They are often unaware of how digital equipment can greatly improve patient experience and day-to-day efficiency. This is where you can suggest checking out new equipment before purchasing it!

Come along to one of Dental Depot’s information and training sessions, and we’ll show you how to use our equipment and how it will improve your practice. If you present these findings to your GM and they’re still dubious about the cost of buying outright, why not suggest hiring equipment instead to trial run its effectiveness. If it makes a huge difference to the efficiency and client satisfaction within your practice, you can then invest for good.

Digital dentistry equipment that will improve your practice

Here are just a few brand new, highly optimised pieces of equipment worth investing in to make your dental practice a step ahead of the rest.

Ray RIOScan – a digital phosphor plate system

View your x-ray images in more detail by converting them to digital so that you can zoom in on them on a computer. Digitise your files, so that hard copies aren’t taking up valuable space in your surgery. Referring your patients to specialists will be a breeze; just email them the x-ray!

TouchMi – an intra-oral camera with USB connectivity

A portable option for practices that need to share an intra-oral camera throughout the surgery. Snap HD images of your patient’s teeth and gums in an instant to get the best view of any problem areas. Impress your patients with images of their teeth that will highlight the importance of their oral hygiene routine.

W&H Lisa Very Auto – an autoclave that streamlines data

Need to know when the sterilisation cycle in your autoclave will be done from another room or while you’re popping out for lunch? You can find out by connecting to the W&H app on your phone! In fact, Lisa will automatically send information on every sterilisation cycle straight to your computer. No paper handling involved! Choose Lisa for better traceability and streamlined performance.

To view Dental Depot’s full range of digitised equipment, shop our range here.