Superb Dental System Hygiene - Disinfectants & Cleaners From Durr Dental

Superb Dental System Hygiene – Disinfectants & Cleaners From Durr Dental
September 10, 2021 Vividus Admin

The best feeling in your clinic is when you find a product that’s made for you. The hygiene range from Dürr puts the needs of dentistry at the forefront.

We live in a bio-cautious era, and rightfully so. Patient interest is just as focused on clinical disinfection and cleaning as medical professionals. When it comes to sanitation and infection protection, Dürr offers specialised cleaning chemicals for the dental space.

The German brand has offered leading dental cleaning chemicals since 1965 when it introduced Orotol®, the first-ever disinfectant for suction systems. Since then, they have released several specialised hygiene products for dental instruments, surfaces and other special items.

Prior to this, suction systems were not the most pleasant smelling features, often gunked up with a deposit of bacteria cultivating in the pipes. Dürr showed that clean pipework ensured the best suction performance. The German company found the golden rule decades ago and has always insisted on a suction flow rate of 300 litres/min per chair to eliminate dental aerosols from the clinical environment.

A-dec Australia declared that products from Dürr System-Hygiene are effective against all known enveloped viruses, including Coronavirus (SARS-Cov-2).

Maximum Efficiency – Fast Acting – Gentle On Material

The Dürr FD 366 range is distinguished by its fast efficiency and good material compatibility. Once disinfected, the surfaces dry rapidly, so the equipment is ready for use right away. It’s an aldehyde-free, alcohol-based, ready-to-use disinfectant that is perfect for quick de-contamination on surfaces and medical devices.

The wipes are compatible with all surfaces, including sensitive materials like acrylic glass, plastics and synthetic leather coverings on treatment units like dental chairs and stools. It is specifically designed for surfaces such as operating light covers, chair and headrest upholstery.

The FD 333 range is a fully virucidal surface disinfectant made for heavier duty surface cleaning applications, with A-dec approving the chemical as a great fit for their products.


The Recommended Product For Sanitation Between Patients

During patient treatment, a potentially contaminated aerosol cloud develops after every treatment; the said cloud will travel for metres from the original source, which is the patient’s mouth. The aerosol will scatter contaminants across the room as it settles for about 10-30 minutes.

It is vital that after each treatment, the area is cleaned and disinfected. The Dürr thorough and quick-acting disinfection process cuts waiting times down and lets dentists safely increase their workflow.

Focused Upholstery Care

Dental chairs are likely one of the most expensive assets in your clinic, so it makes sense that practitioners want to get the most value from their assets. Dürr FD 360 is a specially formulated cleaning solution that comes in the form of wipes recommended by Adec by use on the complete Adec dental chair including the upholstery.

The wipes give a deep clean and wipe away even the most sturdy grime deposits and stains. Ongoing use should keep the upholstery smooth and lush while preventing drying and cracking.


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When it comes to infection protection, disinfection and cleaning, nothing should be left to chance. That’s why thousands of Australian dentists trust the Dürr product range. Like Dürr, Dental Depot provides the highest quality dental care and equipment. Shop online today to get premium disinfecting wipes for your dental practice!