How Bad Posture May Damage Your Dental Career

How Bad Posture May Damage Your Dental Career
January 14, 2022 Vividus Admin

It may not hurt yet, especially if you’re a young dentist starting work in a practice. However, how you sit in your day-to-day could make working effectively much more difficult later in life.

Ergonomics are nothing new. Several studies have been dedicated to improving musculoskeletal health and avoiding deterioration that comes with seated work. Still, what works for a standard desk job doesn’t necessarily work for dentists because of the types of activity.

Complications Of Poor Posture 

We’ve all found ourselves slouching at the desk at some point. However, if nothing is done to correct these issues early on, they can progress and cause back pain, spinal dysfunction, joint degeneration, rounded shoulders and a potbelly. Poor posture in the dental environment also sets a deteriorating set of hypo-functional movements in motion that can worsen with time.

These conditions can impede your ability to work for long stretches of time or put you through chronic pain that makes it difficult to give your full attention to the job at hand.

Improve The Basics

The most common postural issue while sitting down is leaning forward and not engaging the abdominal muscles and overworking the muscles in your lower back. The tricky part is, dental work often involves bending over patients at odd angles.

It’s only natural to want to peer over your patient to directly view the oral cavity. Still, it’s more important to maintain an erect posture, sitting on an appropriately heightened stool as close to the patient as possible.

A good pair of dental loupes and an ergonomic dental chair are key to minimising poor posture by keeping your spine in the correct position and limiting head tilting needed to assess your patient.

Your arms are just as important

The spine is where most people focus when it comes to good posture. Just remember to keep your wrists in a natural position and minimise excessive movements. This will protect you in the long run from wrist complications such as arthritis or carpal tunnel. Your arms should ideally be parallel to the floor when working on a patient.

Graphic showing the correct posture for dental ergonomic posture

Make Sure To Exercise And Stretch

Maintaining good posture is one thing, but it’s best to keep your body active and well-exercised to get the best results. Bad posture can be caused or caused due to imbalances across the body.

Some great spots to focus on are – Lower back, hamstrings, back, shoulders.

Try some of these routines:

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