Implantmed: The Implantology Game Changer

Implantmed: The Implantology Game Changer
March 11, 2021 Vividus Admin

Over the last 20 years, the W&H Implantmed has solidified itself as a gamechanger for implantology. W&H’s superior dental equipment has been utilised in countless dental surgeries across Australia. The clear design and exceptional technological advancements have made the W&H Implantmed an essential piece of dental equipment. The continuous evolution of the W&H Implantmed has led it to become a best selling smart device for dental surgeries.

Today, we’re delving into the history of this implantology game-changer and unpacking its continual innovation in the dental treatment space over the last two decades.

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Customised Implantology

The W&H Implantmed is a cut above other dental equipment, with its inbuilt technologies for measuring implant stability and smart solutions for digital networking. Operators carrying out implantology dental treatment can tailor the W&H Implantmed to their individual implantology workflow. The extra product features also allow the Implantmed to be adjusted to suit the clinical requirements of dental surgeries. 

Revolutionising Implantology Since 2001

W&H’s implantology motor was first presented to the public in March 2001. Featuring a sterilisable motor and cable, user-friendly and safe operation, as well as five different programs, it does not come as a surprise that this piece of dental equipment caused quite a stir in the dental equipment industry.


Always Innovating

Just four years later in 2005, W&H updated their popular Implantmed with improved motor technology and a new ergonomic design. As well as offering functionality, the implantology device was available in two housing colours, making it a stylish choice for dental surgeries. Following this, the W&H Implantmed was available with an integrated mechanical automatic thread cutter function in 2011. This helped to provide support for implant insertion in the lower jaw.  

These technological advancements have seen more and more dental surgeries include the W&H Implantmed in their suite of dental equipment. 

Safety & Functionality

Five years on, W&H managed to achieve another milestone for Australian dental supplies. W&H partnered with Osstell AB (who now are a member of the W&H Group) and developed the Implantmed to be the first implantology motor that utilised Osstell’s ISQ functionality, which afforded the Implantmed with implant stability measurement. 

This finally allowed dental staff to check the status of the osseointegration while performing implantology. They could therefore determine the optimal load time for the specific implant. This revolutionised safety for the Australian dental supplies market. 

The new features on the Implantmed went beyond this. The updated Implantmed also featured a touch screen, colour display, a new coolant pump, customised user profiles, documentation function and tailored features. On top of these, a wireless foot control ensured that multiple W&H devices (including the Piezomed and Implantmed) could be operated with ease, all with the use of a single foot control. Additionally, the motor was now the most powerful implantology motor available in the dental treatment industry. The W&H Implantmed also now featured a light to ensure optimal illumination in all dental treatment scenarios.

In 2018, W&H added the Implantmed Classic and Implantmed Plus to its suite of products. The diversification of their dental supplies allowed dental surgeries to choose from models that would best suit their unique requirements. 


Helping Dental Go Digital

With the use of ioDent®, W&H have contributed to helping Australian dental surgeries to go digital. In 2019, ioDent® was the first step to connecting the W&H Implantmed to the Internet of Dental Things. The use of the Implantmed Plus and the ioDent® system support the digital implantology workflow and connect the dentist and patient with innovative devices.  

Future Focus

For 20 years, W&H has made it their mission to continuously innovate their products to meet the ever-evolving needs of dental surgeries. Each new Implantmed model comes with new features and innovations that revolutionise dental equipment and dental treatment processes, making the Implantmed a game-changer in implantology. 


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At Dental Depot, we have been thrilled to witness the astounding difference the W&H Implantmed has made to dentists and patients alike. This innovative product continues to advance dental treatment in Australia. We’re incredibly proud to stock a variety of products across the range of W&H devices. Feel free to contact our friendly team if you have any questions about our range of dental supplies or our services.