Keeping A Clean Smile - Even On Holidays

Keeping A Clean Smile – Even On Holidays
September 2, 2021 Vividus Admin

At Dental Depot we are hopeful travel will soon be back on the agenda. Here are some helpful tips to pass onto your patients regarding oral health while on holidays, even if only within the confines of your own state.

Murphy’s Law is never far away when going away for an extended break. While making sure your transport is ready for the journey, it’s a good idea to think about yourself, as the last thing you want whilst travelling is easily preventable oral health issues. Here are a few tips on preventing these issues.

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  1. Schedule a dental check up with your regular dentist in the months before your trip including X-rays. That way any possible issues can be caught before they happen. Don’t forget to keep your dentist’s business card in your wallet in case of emergency while away.
  2. Pack your oral hygiene items, compact and easy to fit into your bag is a great start! Always remember to pack a toothbrush, toothpaste and floss/interdental brush to keep on hand, especially for those long flights or car trips. Good brushing only takes two minutes out of your morning and night.
  3. Toothbrush drying while travelling isn’t always practical, but you also don’t want it rolling around in the bottom of your bag! Moisture can cause bacteria to grow on your toothbrush so keep it in a large enough container for the air to circulate. Leave it out to dry if possible before packing it away. Having a specific container for your toothbrush and toothpaste, not only keeps it separate from the rest of your luggage, but cleaner and easier to find.
  4. Brushing regularly isn’t always possible when travelling, in this instance research shows, chewing a sugar free gum for 20 minutes after a meal can help prevent cavities due to the saliva production caused by chewing gum.
  5. Rinsing post eating is another simple way to avoid any oral health issues while on holidays.

When on holidays eating sugary treats is impossible to avoid, and nor should it be. Enjoy your break, as you surely will have earnt it, follow the simple steps above and all going to plan your break should be oral health issues free.

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