Meet Nano - NSK's Most Manageable & Compact Handpiece Yet

Meet Nano – NSK’s Most Manageable & Compact Handpiece Yet
January 26, 2022 Vividus Admin

Good things come in small packages – that’s especially true for NSK’s newest dental handpiece, the NSK Ti-Max Nano! This small, but mighty item is engineered to be the most compact high-powered handpiece on the market, making it super easy to maneuver inside the oral cavity.

Dental Depot Graphic NSK Ti-Max Nano

10% smaller and lighter*

NSK Ti-Max Nano size comparison to earlier models

Delicate and precise, the NSK Ti-Max Nano feels like a natural extension of your hand. Even during implant operations that require delicate and precise movements, a “nano series” faithfully mirrors the user’s intent. NSK continues to challenge the limits of manufacturing and pioneer next-generation contra-angles.

This makes it more effective to work with inside the oral cavity and allows you to perform procedures that require accuracy more easily.

Slimmer But Just As Powerful 

NSK Ti-Max Nano size comparison to competitor models

NSK’s smart miniaturisation means size was cut down, but no function was lost in the creation of the cutting-edge Ti-Max Nano. The Nano series preserves the high-performance NSK contra-angles are known for, whilebeing 10% smaller and lighter than conventional models.  

Thanks to the slimmer head and neck dimensions, it’s easier than ever to manage. Using this over a conventional handpiece improves visibility to posterior and difficult access areas.

Combine that with the NLX nano micromotor nano series, which gives you the ease of manoeuvrability and accuracy you are used to from your air-turbine.

Better For Hand Ergonomics 

NSK Ti-Max Nano centre of gravity graphic

Thanks to the new bodies, the NSK Ti-Max Nano’s centre of gravity is shifted forward to a more comfortable position. This dramatically reduces fatigue during procedures and improves your fingertip dexterity. 

Equipped With The Clean Head System 

The Clean Head System has a labyrinth seal mechanism that reduces blood and foreign matter from entering the handpiece head from the oral cavity. As a result, the ball bearings and mechanical parts last longer.

Order The Ti-Max Nano Today From Dental Depot 

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