The High-Level Infection Control Products Your Dental Practice Needs

The High-Level Infection Control Products Your Dental Practice Needs
June 10, 2021 Vividus Admin

Maintaining excellent hygiene standards has always been paramount across dental clinics in Australia. Since 2020, infection control has only become more crucial. Every dental practice, big and small, must conform with the continually evolving infection prevention and control standards. That’s why you need to be using dental sterilisation products that you can trust. Read on to discover the essential high level infection control products your dental practice needs.

The W&H Lisa Autoclave

One of the most widely used products for dental sterilisation across dental clinics in Australia is the W&H Lisa Autoclave. This essential machine merges complete infection control with a simple, intuitive and user friendly experience. The new generation of Lisa autoclave has been improved yet again, with EliTrace – a new and enhanced Lisa documentation system. Now, dental clinics can benefit from full traceability on their Lisa Autoclave; right down to the single instrument or set.

This is enabled by the advanced smartphone and tablet friendly application that facilitates monitoring and control of the autoclaves in your dental clinic. The Steri App empowers users with tracking and scanning of their dental instruments within a single sterilising cycle. Plus, it maintains a related history database on your smart device.

Instrument-Traceability-W&H Lisa

The Miele Thermal Washer Disinfector  

Another state-of-the-art product that goes hand in hand with the Lisa Autoclave is the renowned Miele Thermal Washer Disinfector. This product is known for its safe and visible cleaning of dental instruments, along with its premium disinfection results, and can reprocess between 1kg to 24kg of instruments in one load. 

Dental clinics need rigorous dental sterilisation machines to completely maximise infection control, however, these machines must not harm critical equipment. The disinfectors of the Miele Thermal Washer Disinfector are particularly gentle on dental instruments. Hence, this piece of equipment is highly recommended by reputable manufacturers for preparing transmission instruments. 

An exciting feature of the Miele Thermal Washer Disinfector is the Miele Vario TD Cycle. With this program, cleaning commences at low temperature which prevents the denaturation of blood residues.

Once the main wash phase has completed, the thermal disinfection takes place. The thermal disinfection phase sees the machine reach temperatures in excess of 90°C and hold these high temperatures for 5 minutes. The final rinse stage is ideally performed with demineralised water, without any surfactant added, to protect the dental instruments.

The Miele Thermal Washer Disinfector

Maximise Workflow & Save Time

Rigorous dental sterilisation ensures your dental practice maintains excellent hygiene standards. But, the right infection control equipment also ensures your clinic maximises workflow and saves time. When your assistants are cleaning your dental equipment, they can’t serve your patients and at the end of the day, time is money in the dental industry. That’s why Dental Depot are committed to stocking only the best dental equipment available. Our dental sterilisation products ensure maximum infection control while reducing downtime within your dental practice. 

If you have any questions about our dental sterilisation products at Dental Depot, be sure to get in touch with our friendly team – we’d love to help you out!