The W&H Lisa Steriliser Turns 20

The W&H Lisa Steriliser Turns 20
June 4, 2020 Vividus Admin

This year we celebrate the W&H Lisa Steriliser’s 20th birthday, it has a unique personality and a strong following behind it. This is a special occasion as over 60,000 units have been sold worldwide and it’s regarded as one of the greatest sterilisers ever made! It has survived the test of time, having recently entered its fifth iteration so here at Dental Depot, we wanted to pay homage to one of the greats by heading down memory lane.

The Lisa earned a reputation of being a ‘smart’ steriliser, with the innovation of Eco function back in 2005, allowing the operator of the machine to adjust drying time based on its load. With this update, the Lisa was renamed and became the ‘Lisa 500’.

Fast forward another 5 years and the Lisa became even smarter and began to master that task on its own, earning a name upgrade and becoming known as, ‘Lisa Fully Auto’. This version of the Lisa had the drying function ‘Eco Dry’, which was fully automatic without any requirement for an operator to intervene.

Next came a traceability function to make the link between the instrument, sterilisation cycle and patient by automatically capturing Batch Code Information to upload to a USB drive and attach to the computer.

Lisa then entered 2017 with the launch of a new ‘Lisa VA’ in Australia where the leap was made into the digital era with ‘Eco Dry+’ and a Lisa app for web-based, remote monitoring of up to four Lisa sterilisers.

Respective of its many innovations, Lisa became a favourite amongst clinical staff due to the fact it was the only steriliser designed with an inbuilt air leak detector. This fostered a greater amount of confidence in the sterilisation cycle and reduced the need for a Vacuum Test from daily to once a week.

Fast forward to 2020 and there are plenty more innovations planned and a new slogan to match: Lisa “incredible inside – incredible outside”. We’ll be seeing the introduction of inbuilt artificial intelligence and enhanced interactive communication via the Lisa user app.

At Dental Depot, we love the Lisa! If you have any questions about the current model, we would love to talk you through your options. Contact us today.