What Is W&H ioDent® and How Can It Help Your Clinic?

What Is W&H ioDent® and How Can It Help Your Clinic?
December 7, 2021 Vividus Admin

W&H has been a trailblazer in the Dental Equipment Industry since it was founded in 1890! The new ioDent® dental systems are the newest revolutionary creation from W&H that could transform modern dentistry. 

What is W&H ioDent®?

The ioDent® Smart Dental Solution is W&H’s newest project that does away with manual data management and instead utilises modern cloud technology, which lets you schedule equipment use and keep tabs on other things like repairs and maintenance remotely. 

With the new ioDent® system (Internet of Dentistry), W&H device data is efficiently and securely transferred to a cloud platform, which the dentist can easily access no matter where they are! In the dental field, W&H is one of the first providers of this pioneering system.

Lisa Autoclave ioDent graphic

ioDent® Lets You Access Information On All Your Devices!

With W&H ioDent you can view important updates and statuses of compatible dental equipment like W&H Autoclaves and Implantmed Plus equipment from any of your personal devices, no matter where you are! 

Streamline Servicing and Repairs With W&H ioDent®

With ioDent®, it becomes easier than ever to manage regular repairs and servicing schedules. Using the ioDent® platform, users have complete access to their dental devices. 

ioDent® lets you access equipment info on your personal devices and even lets you set the device’s parameters, such as the first operation it will be used for, or your clinic’s regular business hours. 

The smart W&H system also informs you about any upcoming services and will warn you and the W&H Service Support in the event of a malfunction. This way, either you or the W&H Service Support team can act swiftly should any repairs be needed. These functions minimise downtime and help manage resources more efficiently. 


Bring The Future Of Dental Equipment To Your Clinic

Dental Depot is Queensland’s leading provider of W&H equipment. We can supply and install any dental equipment that your clinic may need, including ioDent® systems. If you want to bring the future of smart dental technology to your clinic, check out our website for availability or give our friendly team a call and we can run you through how this technology can help your practice.