Why You Must Use A Wash Monitor In Every Thermal Disinfector Load

Why You Must Use A Wash Monitor In Every Thermal Disinfector Load
September 16, 2021 Vividus Admin

ADA Declare That Wash Monitors Are Needed In Every Thermal Disinfector Load

The Australian Dental Association released new guidelines for infection control. The new guidelines state dental professionals are required to use a Soil Test for each Washer Disinfector (WD) cycle they run. 

We have had a few calls come in recently regarding the new medical standards of wash monitors. The Dental Depot team has set out to answer the essential questions in this blog. Read on, so you know about the latest disinfection requirements. 

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New Disinfection Standards In Australia

Miele Wash Check Monitor Synthetic Soil Test StripsThe ADA declared that “performance tests must be undertaken to document the performance of each (Washer Disinfector) cycle.” 

Disinfection does not ensure the same degree of safety to patients as sterilisation, as it does not eliminate all microbial life forms. Resistant forms can survive on a disinfected surface. The performance tests ensure that all disinfection conducted within a washer is as effective as possible.   

Note: An instrument washer with a thermal disinfection cycle is not a sterilising process. At no stage should it be used as a substitute for steam reprocessing and sterilisation.  

The ADA state, “Disinfection using a liquid sterilant or high-level instrument disinfectant may be undertaken for non-critical instruments and some semi-critical instruments (such as those used in dental prosthetics) that cannot be steam sterilised.” 

Any instrument-level disinfectants used must be TGA-registered and must be used according to the manufacturer’s specific directions.


More About The Miele Wash Test Strips 

Miele PG8581 SS Thermal Disinfector graphic

Wash monitors give a clear indication whether the cleaning cycle of the washer was satisfactory. Items such as the Miele Wash Check Strips can detect contaminated residues on disinfected instruments. 

These strips monitor all phases of the wash process, including proper spray arm operation, water impingement, proper detergent selection and levels, water temperature and washer loading. Each wash check ensures that all facets of the machine are operating properly and that efficient cleaning is achieved. 

The indicator is designed to meet the requirements of EN ISO15883. These systems can be used: 

  • In washer-disinfectors
  • With the re-usable Wash Monitor Holder that mimics an instrument. 

The recordable strips are easy to understand with a red symbol, meaning the cleaning process was insufficient and clear signs showing the clean was sufficient. 


To comply with the new TGA and ADA requirements, be sure to place an order for Miele Wash Check Monitor Synthetic Soil Test Strips, if you have not done so already. We are one of Queensland’s most trusted dental industry professionals. For more information on the product, or to chat with one of our friendly, expert representatives, contact us or give us a call on (07) 3857 0011.