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Whether your practice is situated in South East QLD, Central QLD or Northern NSW, Dental Depot has you covered. We offer ongoing support to all of our customers, including training, technical support, emergency support and servicing of equipment.

A solution that fits your needs.

We want to help you get the most out of your equipment and ensure you find a solution that fits your needs – that’s why we offer training for your staff. During these sessions, we will outline how to maintain your equipment, control infection and the process involved in sterilisation. We regularly run courses out of our Windsor office if your staff require a more in-depth training program.

Dental Depot will support you all the way.

We also offer emergency assistance for all of our equipment. So you can rest assured that we will be there to fix any technical problems as they occur, all you have to do is give us a call. Our client web portal makes ordering your consumables simple and easy.

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W&H Lisa Filter Replacement

W&H Lisa Autoclave User Maintenance


  1. Switch on Lisa and then printer
  2. Drain used water tank (Grey port) and fill fresh water tank until beep is heard
  3. Wipe door seal over with mild detergent or alcohol base removing any lint if present
  4. Run Vacuum test in service menu (17 minutes)
  5. Run Bowie and Dick test in Service menu (22 minutes)
  6. You are now ready for the first cycle of the day

Cycle selection

  1. From the ‘Select a cycle’ screen tough the icon in the bottom left hand corner of the screen
  2. Select the appropriate cycle for your load by using the up or down arrows on the right hand side of the screen.   If instruments are bagged you may select the Flash/Unwrapped or B standard 134 cycle
  3. Select the icon in the bottom left corner once you have made your selection
  4. Touch the large icon in the centre of the screen to commence your cycle.


  1. Remove tray and tray rack, wipe chamber using a mild detergent with a lint free cloth
  2. Wipe the chamber again using water only and a lint free cloth removing any trace of detergent
  3. Wipe the outside of the Lisa with a mild detergent

Six Monthly

  1. Drain both the fresh and grey (used) water tanks from the drainage port behind the service panel
  2. Fill the fresh water tank with 2.8 litres of distilled or demineralised water
  3. Add 200 ml of 90% alcohol to the 2.8 litres in the fresh water tank
  4. Allow to take effect for 30 minutes
  5. Drain the fresh water tank into a clean container and using this mixture repeat the above procedure with the grey (used) water tank and then discard this water
  6. Fill the fresh water tank with distilled or demineralised water and run an empty cycle
  7. You are now ready for your next cycle.

All other information regarding Lisa functions can be found in the instruction manual provided with the machine.

Autoclavable Traditional and Continental Syringe

Item Part Number Description
 1  23-1112-00 Nut assembly, Syringe, Smooth
 2  23-1190-00  Syringe head, Traditional
 3  23-1097-00  Syringe head, Continental
 4  030-002-00  O-Ring
 5  23-1015-00  Syringe Handle
 6  024-194-00 Tubing Assembly
 7  23-1193-01  Screw, 2-56
 8  23-1232-01  Valve. Assembly button, autoclavable
 9  013-064-01  Spring, compression, conical
 10  23-1110-00  Terminal, 2 Barb, No Quick Disconnect
 11  035-048-00  O-Ring, E, .114 ID x .070 W
 12  034-003-01  O-Ring, E, .056 ID x .060 W
 13  23-0872-01  Syringe tip
 14  23-1101-00  Spacer, Syringe nut

Syringe Terminal Barb Assemblies

Item Part Number Description
 7  23-1110-00 Terminal Barb
 8  23-1066-00  Syringe head, Traditional
 9  011-038-01  Syringe head, Continental
10  23-1067-00  O-Ring
11  23-1185-00  Syringe Handle
12  030-002-00 Tubing Assembly
13  23-1064-00  Screw, 2-56
14 035-025-01  Valve. Assembly button, autoclavable
 15  013-003-01  Spring
 16  035-028-01  O-Ring, Spcl E, .110 ID x .040 W
 17  23-1068-01  Term Barb Assy w/O O-Rings

Adec 300/500 Autoclavable HVE with Large Bore (15mm)

We also offer training in equipment maintenance, infection control, sterilization process and more.

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  • I would definitely recommend Adec and Dental Depot.

    “In 2010 I purchased an Adec chair and other equipment from Dental depot when I opened my practice in Murrumba Downs. The equipment and subsequent servicing have been fantastic. My dental chair has been extremely reliable, only required minor maintenance and still looks modern and the upholstery new.”

    Dr Natalie Bowen

  • The service is perfect!

    “You can’t do anything better, it’s perfect! From the girls at reception to the tech boys who come out to service our equipment or help us with our enquiries/problems.”

    Galleon Way Dental

  • No hassles, all perfect

    “I would like to thank each and every person involved in our new surgery set up. No hassles, all perfect. Many, many thanks to all. It was such a wonderful outcome.”

    The Team at Mooloolah Dental

  • Tailor-made options to assist us in creating a wonderful new facility!

    “Here at DentArana we have been using the services of Dental Depot for almost 20 years - Mark and Charles helped us to relocate and amalgamate 2 practices onto our present larger site in just a single weekend. Through careful planning, they made the process seamless.

    Since then, we have purchased equipment from them and benefited from their support.

    Recently, our radiographic scanner developed a fault and within an hour Dental Depot had the practice able to produce digital images again. We are in the process of setting up a new practice and Mark has been integral in our planning providing us tailor-made options to assist us in creating a wonderful new facility.

    Whether your practice needs some equipment or maintenance of your existing equipment I highly recommend you contacting Dental Depot for a chat!”


  • Exceptional service

    “We always find your service exceptional all the time.”

    Eric Davis Dental (Margate)