A-dec Chairs: Better Ergonomics and More Flexibility

A-dec Chairs: Better Ergonomics and More Flexibility
July 10, 2018 Vividus Admin

Purchasing the right dental chair for your patients is extremely important. So is deciding on the right stool for your own comfort and posture. But what’s most crucial is finding the ideal combination of the two.

Stools and dental chairs should compliment one another so that both the patient and dentist are comfortable and supported at all times. It’s always best to test a stool with your dental chair before purchase, and vice versa. You need to ensure that you can achieve the movement and flexibility that you require when carrying out procedures while sitting. You don’t want to buy a brand new stool, just to bring it back to the practice and realise it doesn’t adjust low enough to get your knees under your dental chair!

This is one of the many reasons why Dental Depot is currently running a special on A-dec chairs and stools – so that you can attain better ergonomics for your staff and patients! Read on to find out more about our A-dec chair and stool bundles, and how they can vastly improve your practice.

Superior support

A-dec’s dental chairs, doctor’s stools and assistant’s stools all include anatomically shaped contours which hug the body to provide more secure support. This reduces patient pressure points when sitting or laying in the dental chair, and offers exceptional lower back support for the dentist when seated on the doctor’s stool. While many assistant’s stools do not include a backrest, the A-dec 522 assistant’s stool provides this as an optional extra.

Improved flexibility

The A-dec dental chairs and stools, when used in conjunction with one another, allow for a wide range of movement during procedures. Get the right angle every time by easily maneuvering your doctor’s stool under the ultra-thin backrest of any of the A-dec dental chairs. All dental chairs in A-dec’s range also accommodate stand-up dentistry, for those procedures that require a heightened vantage point. The A-dec 500 even includes a gliding headrest that moves with the patient, giving better support and advantageous instrument positioning.

Convenient versatility

A-dec’s chairs and stools are made with the user in mind. All are vertically adjustable to suit dentists of different heights. The A-dec 400 dental chair can both be adjusted for right or left-handers. Accommodating multiple dentists, assistants and patients of different sizes, comfortably and with the one chair is simple and convenient with the A-dec range.

Correct distribution of weight

A-dec champions correct body weight distribution when seated in their chairs, to maintain effective ergonomics. The height adjustable foot ring found on both the A-dec 400 and A-dec 500 range of assistant’s stools, helps to encourage consistently proper posture. All of A-dec’s stools utilise rolled edges on the seats to endorse appropriate circulation by releasing pressure on the legs. The tilt feature on the stools of both the 400 and 500 ranges also helps the dentist to maintain an S-shaped spine, and evenly distribute their weight from the seat to their feet.

Dental Depot’s A-dec chair and stool bundle special

Dental Depot is currently running a special on bundled A-dec dental chairs and stools. Purchase an A-dec dental chair package and add on a stool bundle. You could save up to $1940 with this deal! See our July – September 2018 A-dec Catalogue for further details!