Introducing the RAY RIOScan Digital Imaging Plate System

Introducing the RAY RIOScan Digital Imaging Plate System
July 5, 2017 Vividus Admin

Since its establishment in 2004, Ray have been dedicated to providing reliable and innovative x-ray imaging solutions in the dental and medical industry. They have introduced state-of-the-art imaging equipment to practices in over fifty countries. Ray’s latest dental imaging product, the RIOScan, incorporates superior technology with sophisticated design to make imaging in your practice a breeze!

The innovative advancement in technology present in the RIOScan is inspired by Ray’s commitment to, and passion for, better patient care. If your practice also shares these common goals, read on to find out how RIOScan will provide optimal service for your patients and how you can get your hands on this cutting edge equipment for your dental surgery!

Versatile viewing

RIOScan will convert your x-ray images, taken on imaging plate, into files that can be easily accessed and viewed on a computer. View your x-rays in more detail on a PC, and have them backed up for longer, for any reassessments of patient history.

Unlimited access

Take x-rays on a variety of plates from sizes zero to four, to ensure that you are conducting a full oratory examination. Plates are flexible and soft to enhance patient comfort and user accessibility. No irregularity will evade your attention with the RIOScan there to detect where work needs to be done!

Get the job done quicker

The RIOScan scans in just 5 seconds in HS Mode! This means that your patient is spending less time in the chair, and you’re gaining more time to assess what needs to be rectified.

Avoid mistakes

The RIOScan will immediately detect when a plate has been inserted, and find the correct plate side, ready for image reading. Preview mode also means that the user can view the x-ray to see if the image has been properly scanned, and quickly re-scan if it is not aligned. This saves a lot of time in the long run and avoids pestering patients to rebook appoints to fix mistakes.

Maintain uninterrupted workflow

With RIOScan, you can continue working even when your network connection has dropped! Scanned images will be stored in the internal memory until your connection is back up again. Falling behind on your daily duties will be a thing of the past with RIOScan!

Need RIOScan in your practice to optimise workflow and provide superior patient care? Contact Dental Depot today!