NSK Handpieces Leading the Way in the Dental Industry

NSK Handpieces Leading the Way in the Dental Industry
April 25, 2018 Vividus Admin

NSK aren’t new kids on the block when it comes to manufacturing high-quality handpieces that directly respond to clinician’s needs.

NSK have combined personalised service, attention to detail and commitment to innovation as the building blocks of the company, since its birth in the 1930s. In fact, founder Keiichi Nakanishi used to create each handpiece individually and deliver it personally to the client upon completion. Now that’s a dedication to intricacy and customer service that goes above and beyond, which we can celebrate!

Precision like no other.

All of NSK’s handpieces are made with a precision of 1/1000mm, and all parts are created using precision machining to ensure an exact fit. Furthermore, 90% of all parts in a single product are made in-house and are subject to stringent testing procedures. One handpiece can undergo 930 machining processes. It’s an incredibly intricate operation. The final product is then tested by both machines and highly experienced individuals who have been manufacturing these handpieces for so long that they can hear when one small part is not operating at optimum performance. You can rest assured that the handpiece delivered to you by NSK has been tested to the nth degree.

A focus on innovation.

NSK has produced many ‘world firsts’ in dental technology. They perfected the first ever 45-degree contra-angle, the Ti-Max Z45L, which provides better access during treatment and concentrates on using high torque instead of air turbines. This product, along with many others by NSK, has won awards and hailed praise in the dental industry for its ability to transcend technical boundaries, creating better performing equipment. Handpieces manufactured by NSK incorporate only the most cutting-edge technology as NSK have the staff and the resources available to consistently stay on top of advancements in the industry.

Faster rotation than any other handpiece.

The ball bearings used in NSK handpieces are unlike any other in the industry. They are manufactured in-house and allow NSK handpieces to have air turbines with smaller heads, which last far longer than those found in standard handpieces. NSK did this by reducing the size of the ball bearings from 1mm to 0.8mm, and bumping up the number of ball bearings found in their handpieces from 7 to 9. NSK could not achieve the high speed, rotating technology they were after in their handpieces, using conventional ball bearings. So they decided to make their own. This is the kind of commitment that NSK upholds to the quality and craftsmanship of your handpieces.

Support that lasts the lifespan of your handpiece.

NSK offer factory certified technical service for the duration of the life of each product that they sell. With NSK, you will never experience a scenario where you purchase a product and do not hear from the manufacturer again. Their after-sales process is detailed, and NSK is constantly seeking feedback from the dental industry in order to improve and innovate their products for increased speed and accuracy in the dental practices worldwide. With this in mind, it’s easy to see how NSK has developed a reputation as leaders in global handpiece design.

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