Product Showcase: W&H Assistina Twin

Product Showcase: W&H Assistina Twin
March 26, 2018 Vividus Admin

Is your practice suffering because of the time it takes to clean and maintain your handpieces? Correct handpiece maintenance is critical to the smooth running of your practice, but so is being efficient and minimising staff stress.

With the W&H Assistina Twin, you can achieve high-grade handpiece care, quicker than ever and with no hassles! We take a look at the key features of the W&H Assistina Twin, and how it could improve your practice.

Product Showcase: W&H Assistina Twin
Product Showcase: W&H Assistina Twin

Streamlined handpiece maintenance

The Assistina Twin is the first ever dental instrument reprocessing device that is fitted with two chambers, which can be used alternately. Processing only takes a record ten seconds! So by the time you load the second handpiece, the first one will be serviced. With the Assistina Twin, you can process a massive 360 instruments per hour.

Quality care

The Assistina Twin cleans the internal channels of your handpieces and provides an oil service of gearing components. This is how it works:

  1. Oil is nebulised.
  2. Nebulised oil is blasted through the instrument at high-pressure.
  3. This produces a fine mist, which coats even the most hard-to-reach parts of the gears.
  4. Aerosols are sucked from the process chamber, through the integrated HEPA filter, for even further assurance of contamination removal.

Highly adaptable to your practice

This innovative piece of equipment is effortlessly adjustable to any dental practice. This is due to the vast range of handpiece adaptors that it supports. Contra-angle handpieces, turbine handpieces, air scalers and air motors can all be cleaned using the Assistina Twin.

Thoroughly sustainable

The Assistina Twin comes with a Twin Care set that consists of service oil, cleaning solution and a HEPA filter. These only need to be replaced after 2800 instruments have been processed through the machine. In fact, the Twin Care set is equivalent to approximately 20, 400ML spray cans of oil. So not only does the Assistina Twin clean handpieces quicker and more thoroughly, but it also does this while being impressively cost-efficient.

Easy to use

The Assistina Twin is quick and easy to use. Handpieces are loaded with ease and cleaned with the push of a button. Replacing all components of the Twin Care set is simple, and does not require any specialist tools. Staff will enjoy the timely turnaround of handpieces and customers will benefit from the efficiency of your services.

Contact Dental Depot today for a price quote on an Assistina Twin, and see how much more efficient your practice can be!