Handpieces: The Most Important Equipment in Your Dental Practice

Handpieces: The Most Important Equipment in Your Dental Practice
January 17, 2018 Vividus Admin

Handpieces. We use them every day. Some would argue that if your handpiece stops working, so too does your dental practice. These pieces of equipment may be small and seem rather innocuous to an outsider, but boy would we have trouble functioning without them! Here’s how to keep your handpieces in top form so that your practice runs smoothly on a day to day basis.

Invest in quality brands

Running a business involves a certain degree of counting your pennies, we know. But finding smart ways to save is also essential. Skimping out on important equipment that has a high usage rate will not do you any favours in the long run. Be sure to invest in quality brands for your handpieces so that they are durable, safe and reliable. You can pick up high-speed handpieces on the internet for bargain prices, but more often than not, they’ll malfunction quickly and end up doing more harm to your patient’s teeth than good.

Always have a backup

Like we said before, if your handpiece stops working, there isn’t a whole lot you can do with a patient in the chair. It’s essential always to have a functioning backup to swap over so that business can carry on as usual. Speaking of which, Dental Depot also takes care of the maintenance for you.

Ensure proper maintenance is being carried out

Did you know that if your handpieces are connected to the town or city water system, sediment build up can occur?

Did you know that proper lubrication is absolutely paramount to the longevity of your handpieces?

Did you know that failure to sterilise your handpieces after each and every use can cause cross-contamination between patients?

We bet you did know, but we just wanted to remind you how important equipment maintenance and care is. Dental Depot can help you out with this too! All of our clients receive top notch ongoing care and support. We make it as easy as possible to book regular services for your equipment and provide emergency call out services for serious equipment failures. We even have a team of specialist factory-trained technicians on hand to repair your W&H, NSK and KaVo handpieces.

If you want to ensure that your handpieces are in top notch condition all the time, send them for inspection through Dental Depot today! We also have a range of equipment that will assist with efficient sterilisation. Head over to our shop to browse an array of highly reliable brands.