Why You Should Always Buy Brand Name Dental Products

Why You Should Always Buy Brand Name Dental Products
June 13, 2017 Vividus Admin

We get it. Your patient’s health is your top priority. A dental practice with a reliable, professional and above all, safe reputation, is assured returning customers and trusted referrals.

An important aspect of gaining this reputation is the use of high-quality, extensively tested equipment. The use of top notch brand name products compared to cheap imports or unvetted equipment could be the difference between a calendar booked out with appointments, and a lawsuit leaving your practice bankrupt.

Why paying more for reliability is worth it.

We know that sometimes it can be tempting to cut costs on equipment to spend more on other aspects of your business. But safe and reliable equipment is the backbone of your dental practice. It assists in ensuring that your patients receive a comfortable, stress-free visit every time.

Still tempted by that eBay steal deal on high-speed handpieces? Let us take you through a few things that could go wrong by using cheap tips that have not been professionally vetted:

  • Damaging your patient’s enamel, resulting in your practice paying in both time and money to rectify the mistake. Much more money than you spent on the cheap tips in the first place.
  • The tip breaking off and being swallowed by a patient. Despite the obvious health risks that this involves, it also guarantees that your patient will not be returning, due to lack of safety and professionalism.
  • Fast wearing of the tip, causing a lack of efficiency in the equipment. This means that your patient is sitting in the chair for longer than is necessary, and experiencing prolonged discomfort. It also means you’re wasting valuable time because of inefficient equipment.

One negative review online can leave your practice without patient appointments. Patients want a dental practice that they can trust, and most importantly, where they feel safe and secure when they sit down in the chair. This is why professional and trusted brand name equipment is paramount.

But you don’t have to dish out ridiculous up-front payments to have reliable equipment.

Renting equipment for your dental practice is a quicker, less costly and more convenient way to ensure you always have high-performance technology at your disposal. With Dental Depot, you can rent equipment on a weekly, monthly or annual basis. We use only experienced, globally recognised brands such as NSK, W&H, A-dec and Acteon. You can rest assured that all of these brands have been vetted by us, have TGA aprovals, and are recommended by professional dental practices all over the world.

Renting equipment takes the stress off businesses just starting out, by ensuring that your practice is using brands that are considered the best of the best, without the considerable upfront costs attached. It’s also a great long term solution for established practices, as it means that you are alway receiving the latest models, reliable servicing of equipment and continual support.

To find out more about renting a wide range of trusted brand name equipment, head over to our rental page or contact us today.