Top Reasons Why Your Dental Website Needs a Blog

Top Reasons Why Your Dental Website Needs a Blog
February 11, 2020 Vividus Admin

Chances are if you are running a small-to-medium sized practice, you may be wondering if a blog is worth the time and energy. The short answer is a huge yes! In the grand scheme of things, blogging is one of the most effective ways you can boost your marketing efforts to attract new clients. Our top reasons below will give you the guidance needed to convince your team that having a blog on your dental business website is the next priority!

Become an Industry Leader

Providing new and current clients with information that is relatable, factual and easy to read is the key to building trust and positioning you and your team as experts in the field. As the blogs continue, you will soon be seen as the go-to for valuable and up-to-date content when it comes to a reliable dentistry source.

Generate Leads

For a lot of websites, blogs are the most effective tool to grab their target clients’ attention and give them a high level of confidence in your services which leads them to call or book online. By understanding the type of content your target audience is searching for, you can create articles of genuine interest to people who are in need of, and searching for, a particular type of treatment or service that you offer.

Encourage Social Media Engagement

Sharing blogs on social media platforms is the perfect way to attract new patients but also nurture relationships with existing patients. It gives readers the opportunity to easily share your posts with their network, tag friends and colleagues and see the ‘personality’ behind your business. As social media evolves, it becomes easier and easier for brands to speak directly to consumers and vice versa which, when used correctly, can solidify their loyalty to your practice.

Improve the ‘visibility’ of your dental website

When it comes to SEO, it’s generally out of the scope of your skills to understand how blogs assist the process. All you need to know is that most search engines will rank sites that blog regularly higher than those which don’t. Having the best-designed website, unfortunately, is not enough to get eyes on it, but blogging can definitely increase visibility and in turn, increase the number of potential new patients!

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