The Top 5 Australian Dental Fitout Trends of 2019!

The Top 5 Australian Dental Fitout Trends of 2019!
February 13, 2019 Vividus Admin

It’s a new year in dentistry, and you may be walking into your dental clinic every morning thinking that it’s time to make a few changes.

The appearance of your dental practice can have a huge impact on a patient’s first impression of your services. We know that peeling paint on the walls doesn’t directly correlate to outdated surgical techniques, but you’d be surprised at the connections that the subconscious can make between what is seen and what is assumed. So it’s always best to put your practice’s best foot forward and conduct some general interior sprucing! If you’re considering remodelling your dental practice this year, we’ve put together a list of the top five Australian dental fitout trends of 2019, to assist you in cultivating an image of cutting-edge design and services.

ental Depot supply high-quality dental equipment to Australia’s leading practices. The interior design of your dental practice can help patients to feel calm.

1. Patient infection

Patient infection is definitely the most serious issue that a dental practice faces. One major cause of patient infection is the incorrect cleaning and sterilisation of dental instruments such as handpieces. This is why it’s so important that your autoclave is reliable, frequently serviced and well taken care of! Autoclaves that are not running at their full potential will not be sterilising your instruments correctly.

2. Your machines are not compatible with your computing systems

If you’re using the latest patient information systems for admin, they may not streamline with older equipment. The latest technology will seamlessly transfer information from the machines you use most often, to your computers, and patient files.

3. Bright & spacious staff rooms

Nurturing the wellbeing of your staff is essential to the success of your dental practice. During a time where practices are increasingly focused on improving the patient experience, it’s important to continue to make also your staff a priority. Creating a comfortable and relaxing staff retreat within your dental clinic can enhance downtime, encouraging moments of rest and recuperation. This ensures a more productive working environment, as when dentists, dental assistants and administrative staff return from their break they’re rejuvenated and ready to tackle new tasks efficiently and with a positive attitude. Staff areas need to be carefully incorporated into your dental fitout layout, and not considered as an afterthought; shoved away in a basement or a room the size of a closet. To harness your staff’s potential, you must show that you care about their wellbeing through the facilities you provide. Try to pick a space for your staff room which makes the most of natural light, through large windows or skylights. Provide useful appliances like a bar fridge, microwave and coffee machine. You may even wish to incorporate a few personal touches like bean bags, iPads and a pinboard for upcoming team building exercises and social activities. Remember that your staff are the backbone of your practice and that a happy team produces better services!

ental Depot supply high-quality dental equipment to Australia’s leading practices. The interior design of your dental practice can help patients to feel calm.

4. Mixed materials

Dental fitouts are encompassing the use of mixed materials in 2019. Think raw timber beams alongside clean white walls and textured wallpaper behind glass panelled reception desks. It’s important not to go too overboard here though; simplicity is key. Choose two materials that compliment each other and incorporate them as a design feature throughout your fitout. Mixing the traditional with the modern is also on trend in 2019. Try combining warm timber floors with bright white walls in waiting areas. It perfectly marries classically homely elements with chic and contemporary features for that vital balance which will capture the eye of both younger and older patients.

5. Curved lines & interiors

While edgy angular and geometric shapes have dominated interior design over the last few years, we believe there’s a lot to be said for curved walls and surfaces in medical and dental fitout designs, and that 2019 will be the year that they really flourish! Studies have shown that people associate round shapes with safety and security. It’s difficult to feel welcomed and unthreatened by sharp corners and angular lines. Incorporating curves into your reception desk design, waiting area and even the benches in your consultation rooms and surgeries can subliminally encourage ease within your patients. You may find that they walk into your dental practice and visibly relax, surrounded by rounded interiors traditionally associated with nurturing and calmness.

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