Using Conscious Sedation to Help Your Dental Patients Relax

Using Conscious Sedation to Help Your Dental Patients Relax
October 10, 2017 Vividus Admin

Going to the dentist doesn’t have to be a trial these days, after all, it’s not the dark ages! But some people have a real phobia about it and avoid dentists like the plague. This isn’t good – both for them if they have a problem that needs treatment, and for you, who relies on patients to keep your practice ticking.

Why use Conscious Sedation?

For people who have a phobia about going to the dentist, Conscious Sedation Therapy (aka Nitrous Oxide Sedation) can be a real blessing. It can be used in a light dosage for simple teeth cleaning or a stronger measure for invasive procedures such as having wisdom teeth removed.

If your phobic patients know Conscious Sedation is an option, and that they’ll have minimum pain, then they’re much more likely to turn up to appointments. For dentists, having patients that keep appointments is much more profitable than those that don’t.

Conscious Sedation Therapy can also be beneficial for patients who don’t have a fear of going to the dentist but who have sensitive teeth, a complicated procedure or can’t sit still in the dentist’s chair. It is especially useful for administering to younger children to relax them and allow the dentist to perform high-quality work. Nitrous oxide is safe to use for children within recommended doses for age and weight.

Improving patient satisfaction with conscious sedation

At Dental Depot, we offer two product choices for conscious sedation: analogue or digital. Both products administer nitrous oxide, but the difference is in the display. By definition, analogue shows information by use of hands or a pointer and digital is a screen displaying numerical digits.

Some positive benefits in using nitrous oxide in your practice include:

For patients:

  • Reduces patient anxiety
  • Minimises pain
  • Allows treatment to take place quickly and efficiently
  • Encourages a more positive attitude towards future visits

For dentists:

  • Safe, economical & efficient
  • Intensity can be easily controlled
  • Enhances treatment range
  • Helps to build dentist/patient trust
  • Increases the likelihood of future visits

Are you interested in introducing Conscious Sedation Therapy into your dental practice? Check out our conscious sedation systems today!