3 Signs that it’s Time for New Dental Equipment

3 Signs that it’s Time for New Dental Equipment
December 19, 2019 Vividus Admin

When it comes to running a dental practice, it’s often a difficult decision to upgrade your equipment, and this is a choice which should be well-considered and based on a lot of factors. Below we have written a list of 3 signs that shouldn’t be ignored when it comes to deciding to purchase new equipment for your practice:

1. It’s too Expensive to Repair

Most dental practices have a ‘go-to’ person that they usually call in for equipment repair or maintenance. At Dental Depot, our repair team will usually be able to have you up and running again within a day. However, if someone who’s trained in the repair of dental equipment is telling you that your dental chair or your x-ray machine is past saving, then you should probably take their word for it.

Chances are, in this scenario, if you want to prevent any more cancelled appointments and lost time, you’ll have to make a last-minute purchase. However, last-minute purchases can often lead to mistakes as you feel pressured and fail to do adequate research into your purchase. Make sure to always stay up to date with the current products, literature and demos to prepare for situations like this.

2. Unavailable Spare Parts

If you have a piece of equipment, like a dental chair, that is an older model, and they no longer make spare parts for it, or if fewer people can service it, then it’s likely that you need to replace that piece of equipment. If you wait for it to break down and stop working, the consequences will be a lot direr as it will be either difficult or impossible to fix. This will result in you having an emergency and unplanned expense which will again end up in disappointed and frustrated patients due to cancelled appointments.

3. The Equipment is Critical to Staying Relevant

Sometimes new dental equipment or technology is released, which will help to offer a new or much-improved service to your patients. In this case, it’s easy to think of this as an unnecessary purchase but in fact, failure to keep up with the times can end up resulting in patients leaving, which will end up being more costly in the long run. Consumers are informed these days, and they expect their healthcare providers to deliver the best care possible. Buying equipment which will introduce new or much better technology to your clinic is, in fact, an investment in the future of your practice.

At Dental Depot, we offer dental equipment supply, maintenance and repairs so no matter what your equipment needs are, we know that we’ll have a guaranteed solution.