5 Timeless Tips for Dental Practice Growth

5 Timeless Tips for Dental Practice Growth
November 2, 2017 Vividus Admin

Dental practices rely heavily on attracting and retaining patients to keep afloat. But, many practice owners have the same old processes that they’ve had in place for years and don’t realise that to stay ahead of the game you have to be open to change.

Here are our top 5 tips for ensuring the survival of your dental practice:

1. Marketing is essential

Putting the word out about what you offer is the only way you’re going to get appointments and drive traffic to your website. You may balk at increasing your marketing budget but there are also negative effects of staying static, i.e. not attracting new customers.

Do you use modern technology or specific dental equipment to offer specialised treatments at your practice? Do you have really comfortable dental chairs? Let people know about it through your website, social media, blog posts and other marketing avenues, such as monthly newsletters, video ads and dental shows.

2. Hire the right people

Genuinely friendly reception staff who can give your patients an enthusiastic greeting and efficient service can make the world of difference for patient retention. If a large section of your clientele are children, then hiring staff who have children themselves and enjoy interacting with them can make your practice one that parents will want to bring their children back to.

3. Give them an outstanding experience

From the waiting room to their time in the chair, make your patients feel relaxed and looked after with exemplary service. What impression does your waiting room give off? Maybe it’s time to update the furniture, or add a piece of new art here and there. Being more friendly never goes astray either, people will appreciate it and remember if you ask them about their travel plans, their job or their kids.

4. Review your reminders

Patient reminders are important so people know when they’re next due for a visit. But if you’re still relying on giving out cards, consider messaging them by SMS instead. People are attached to their Smartphones 24/7 and are more likely to act on a text reminder. But just send one message, sending two is too many.

5. Be market competitive

A patient may only see their dentist on a 6 monthly or yearly basis for a checkup and a clean. But if you’re charging a lot or upping your prices, then you can be sure they’ll be on the lookout for a better deal – going to the dentist can be an expensive experience if you’re on a budget. Review what your competitors are charging and see if you can be more cost-friendly without underselling yourself. Look at offering specials to attract new patients such as a special discount on a check up or a free teeth cleaning.

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