Autoclaves: Melag Premium-Evolution Class VS Melag Pro Class

Autoclaves: Melag Premium-Evolution VS Melag Pro Class
January 25, 2018 Vividus Admin

Melag’s range of autoclaves are some of the top performing sterilisation devices on the market. We take a look at the difference between the Melag Premium-Evolution and the Pro Class autoclave.

Melag Pro Class

The Melag Pro Class is a sturdy, reliable autoclave at a competitive price point for smaller dental surgeries that only need to process one or two sterilisation cycles per day. While not as quick as the Premium-Evolution autoclaves, they still attain fast processing times in comparison to others on the market. These autoclaves come in either 17L or 22L capacity and can hold either 5kg or 7kgs of instruments.

Melag Pro Class

Fits a range of trays and cassettes

The Pro Class autoclave comes with mounting for trays and cassettes in your preferred configuration. The chamber will fit high cassettes suitable for implantology trays and sterilisation containers ideal for smaller instruments.

Five different programs

Choose from five different sterilisation programs to suit a range of wrapped or unwrapped instruments. The gentle program is perfect for delicate instruments, whereas the universal program is best for an end of day load. Lighter loads on the quick program will take just 20 minutes to sterilise and dry.

Store your data how you want

The Melag Pro Class integrates with a range of software and devices so that you can store your cycle information the way that best suits your practice. Connect directly to a printer to keep hard copies of cycle information, or store it on a flash card. For more information regarding integrated and compatible software see here.

Melag Premium-Evolution

The Melag Premium-Evolution is ideal for fast-paced dental surgeries and medical practices that have a high daily volume of patients. It can hold up to 9kg of instruments (or 8 trays) for sterilisation, has fast cycles and an intuitive touchpad for ease of use.

Melag Premium-Evolution Class

Quick operating times

Are you after both the highest saturated steam quality AND the quickest sterilisation cycles around? The Melag Premium-Evolution autoclave series enjoys double-walled sterilisation chambers that allow the rapid removal of air from all instruments, resulting in quicker processing times without forgoing optimum accuracy.

The DRYtelligence function will also shorten cycle drying times by 80%. A sensor will determine how long the drying cycle needs to last for, based on the individual load in the chamber. This technology, combined with the quick dry cycle, can have your instruments sterilised to premium standards in as a little as ten minutes!

Easy-to-navigate touch display

The XXL colour touch display pad on the front of the autoclave is easy to use, meaning minimum staff training is required to ensure accurate operation. Quickly access the cycle that you’re after and see where it’s up to at a glance. You can also keep track of your records with integrated document software and direct connections to your label printer.

Energy-saving sleep mode button

Save on costly energy bills with this efficient, premium autoclave. Simply push the button on the front of the autoclave to put it to sleep and reduce energy consumption.

Versatile water feed options

Versatile water feed options mean that you can choose whichever is most convenient for your practice. An easy-to-install ‘standalone’ autoclave means that the machine can be moved and will be up and running in no time. An autoclave with a tap water connection will be fixed in place, but provide better performing vacuum technology.

The Verdict

In conclusion, the Melag Premium-Evolution of autoclave is clearly the better option for fast-paced dental practices that are pressed for time. This autoclave incorporates the very latest in sterilisation technology and design and will sterilise a larger load in a shorter time period. However, the Pro Class of autoclave is still a high performing option for smaller practices that have enough instruments to only need to undergo sterilisation cycles a handful of times per day. The major drawcard of the Pro Class is also that the ‘standalone’ autoclave is more convenient for practices that rent premises or that are undergoing renovations, as it can easily be moved around.

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