What is the difference between the RayScan Alpha and the Alpha Plus?

What is the difference between the RayScan Alpha and the Alpha Plus?
May 2, 2018 Vividus Admin

There’s no doubt that the RayScan Alpha and the RayScan Alpha Plus are both superior OPG systems. RayScan have incorporated the latest, cutting-edge technology within both models to ensure optimum patient comfort and to achieve only the clearest, HD X-rays.

However, there are slight differences between the two machines. We take a closer look at these differences, and what each model can do for your dental practice.

What’s the same?

Wireless remote control for easy positioning.

Both the Alpha and the Alpha Plus can be operated by wireless remote control to make positioning patients comfortable and straightforward. The only difference is that the Alpha Plus incorporates non-directional technology into the remote, for even further convenience.

Low radiation exposure.

RayScan are pioneers in creating dental x-ray equipment that focuses on low dose radiation for improved patient safety. Both the Alpha and Alpha Plus allow dentists to take fast scans that minimise radiation exposure and limit patient discomfort, which can often result in movement and blurred scans.

No waiting between patients.

The Alpha and Alpha Plus both house adaptive cooling systems. Waiting for the machine to cool down between patients is a thing of the past!

Fully upgradable.

Both RayScan models are designed to be upgraded as your practice becomes busier, or requires more specialised scanning technology. With the Alpha, you can choose from a pano only model, a pano and CT, a pano and ceph, or all three in the one machine. These can be incorporated into the machine at any time. The Alpha Plus can be equipped with two different sizes of one-shot ceph sensors, or a scanning ceph, depending on your needs. It can also take panoramic and CT scans. Start with the basics and upgrade whenever you need to, or order your RayScan machine with all scanning options available and enjoy everything you need in one place.

What’s different?

Quicker scanning times.

Scanning time with the Alpha Plus is much quicker than the Alpha. A ceph shot takes four seconds with the Alpha, whereas a one ceph shot can be taken in under a second with the Alpha Plus. In fact, you can scan and view an image in less than ten seconds with the Alpha Plus, and full 3D reconstruction of a scan takes only six seconds.

Free field of view.

The Alpha Plus offers free field of view, a world first! Gain better accuracy by following the light guide, and only scanning the area you want, with a variety of dimensions to choose from.

More detailed scans.

The Alpha Plus is particularly useful for endodontic procedures. It allows images to be viewed in much more detail, with a FOV of 4x3cm obtained at 70μm Voxel. In contrast, the Alpha achieves a minimum of 140μm Voxel at 9x9cm.

Greater variety in field of view.

With the Alpha Plus, you can choose between a 13x10cm or 16x10cm maximum FOV, whereas the Alpha is only available with a 9x9cm FOV.

Which model is best for my practice?

The Alpha Plus certainly provides more versatility in regards to the type of scans and FOV available. If it is commonplace in your practice to take a diverse range of scans on a daily basis, and if endodontic procedures are frequent, then the Alpha Plus may be your best option. However, if you are a smaller practice, don’t forget that you can upgrade your RayScan Alpha as you grow, moving from a Pano-only version to include CT and Ceph scans also.

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