Product Showcase: The New RAYScan Alpha Plus

Product Showcase: The New RAYScan Alpha Plus
April 13, 2018 Vividus Admin

The clever technicians at RAY have outdone themselves again. Bringing you the latest in dental x-ray technology, the RAYScan Alpha Plus incorporates cutting-edge design with superior efficiency and convenience for dental practices everywhere.

We take a closer look at the highlights of the RAYScan Alpha Plus, and what it can offer your practice and patients.

Dental Depot Product Showcase: The New RAYScan Alpha Plus

Faster and Safer.

Scan your patient and view and save the x-ray on your computer in less than ten seconds! Faster image processing means less time for your patients at the machine and reduced exposure to radiation. A one ceph shot can be taken in less than a second – perfect for paediatric patients that have a tendency to wriggle and cause distortion on the final x-ray. Furthermore, waiting times between scans are eliminated entirely. The RAYScan Alpha Plus houses an adaptive cooling system that prevents overheating.

Outstanding image quality and accuracy.

We know what you’re thinking, how can a high-quality x-ray be possible in such a short amount of time? Well, the RAYScan Alpha Plus does not sacrifice quality for speed. It masters both. The Alpha Plus incorporates the world’s first free Field of View. Follow the light guide to see exactly where you are scanning on your patient for superior accuracy. Furthermore, only scan the area that you need to. With the Alpha Plus, you have the ability to hone in on specific areas with a minimum FOV of 4x3cm, critical for endodontic procedures. The best part? You maintain 70μm Voxel. The Alpha plus can also achieve panoramic scans so that you can acquire every angle in HD. X-rays with incredible clarity and resolution have never been easier to obtain.

Optimised for patient comfort.

Sometimes it can be difficult to position patients in a comfortable manner, for them to remain still for long enough to have their x-ray taken. But this will be a thing of the past with the RAYScan Alpha Plus. Position and scan children, the elderly and mobility impaired without any hassles by using the Alpha Plus wireless remote control. The control is non-directional and straightforward to use in conjunction with the machine’s intuitive touchscreen. Adjusting the machine between patients is effortless and quick.

The all-in-one solution for your practice.

The RAYScan Alpha Plus is designed with upgradability in mind, making it a very cost-effective solution to your practice’s x-ray needs. Choose from two different sizes of one-shot Ceph sensors, or attach a Scanning Ceph. Carry out CT Scans, Panoramic Scans or Ceph Scans in a range of sizes and acquire various high-quality images. Have more confidence in diagnosis with increased precision and accuracy.

Interested in purchasing a RAYScan Alpha Plus for your practice? Enquire with Dental Depot today!