Product Showcase: Miele Thermal Disinfector

Product Showcase: Miele Thermal Disinfector
October 16, 2017 Vividus Admin

Are you looking for a Cleaning solution for a large quantity of instruments? One that’s fast, efficient and allows you to run your dental practice smoothly? The Miele Thermal Disinfector is the sensation you’re after! We take a look at its best features, and how it can improve the performance of your practice.

Dental Depot Dental Equipment Miele Thermal Disinfector

Larger Capacity

If you have a high turnover of patients, own a big surgery, or simply need a Cleaning machine that will fit a variety of instruments, the Miele Thermal Disinfector – PG 8581, may be your best option. It’s like a high-grade, super-sterile washing machine for your equipment! Clean and disinfect your handpieces alongside your trays and beakers to get everything done at once. Instruments are fitted in contained baskets to avoid being jostled around and scratched.

Faster Cleaning

The PG 8581 comes with a range of programmed cycles to suit your individual needs. Its quick dry capabilities make your Cleaning process an absolute breeze! After a cycle, the door will automatically open to release moisture and steam, air drying your instruments ready for their next use.

Optimised for Versatility

You can pick and choose the accessories that you need with the Miele Thermal Disinfector. Racks can be purchased to easily secure trays or mesh cages filled with other smaller instruments. Choose cage inserts that are fully enclosed to prevent instruments clogging the machine or getting lost and scratched. Organise your thermal disinfector exactly the way you want it, to fit the various pieces of equipment in your practice and optimise space for quicker cleaning.

A Much Safer Option

No matter the shape or size of the instrument, you can rest assured that every piece will be disinfected by the time the cycle is over. The superior filtration system removes all dirt from the water and gives narrow, hollow instruments a deep clean. There is absolutely no chance for dirt to build up in the chamber, as it’s welded together using lasers so that cracks aren’t an issue. Each cycle is recorded for traceability purposes.

Purchase your Miele Thermal Disinfector – PG 8581 today through Dental Depot, and receive ongoing support and servicing with your product.