Back to School Season - Take Advantage to Market Your Practice

Back to School Season – Take Advantage to Market Your Practice
January 30, 2020 Vividus Admin

As summer progresses and the festive season has passed, we become increasingly surrounded with ‘back to school’ advertisements and promos. As a professional in the dental industry, you might think that this marketing opportunity doesn’t apply to you, but it does. Below are 3 of the best ways to put a ‘back to school’ spin on the advertising for your dental practice:

Back into Routine

Often, for parents and families, routines are dictated by the school term times. This means that when it’s time for school holidays, our daily routines often go out the window and we might even head to the coast or further afield on vacation. This lack of routine and the opportunity to focus on fun things like packing for a holiday, day trips to the beach and making playdates means that making a dental appointment is one of the last things on peoples minds. Fortunately, with back to school season in full swing, this is the perfect opportunity to encourage your patients to get back into their routine and catch up with their ‘to-do’ list by making a dental appointment!

‘In with the New’…

Back to school season is all about a new start. We’re at the beginning of a new year, our kids are beginning a new academic year, and everyone is buying new school uniforms and supplies. Encourage your patients to include a dental appointment in this new beginning and start the year as they mean to continue; with clean and shiny teeth. Especially since the holiday season usually means we’ve indulged in a few sweet treats which is all the more reason to visit your dentist for a clean and a check-up.

Host an Event

Get in contact with some of your local schools and organise a fun but educational event for the new pupils on oral health and hygiene. Alternatively, you can plan an event that actually takes place in your practice since people are much more likely to be in town during back to school season than they are during the break. This event can simply be to introduce people in the area to your team or to promote a specific or specialised service. Hosting an event is the perfect way to build your reputation within a community.

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