Miele Thermodisinfector: We Answer Your Most Asked Questions!

Miele Thermodisinfector: We Answer Your Most Asked Questions!
October 6, 2018 Vividus Admin

The Miele Thermodisinfector is easily the most efficient cleaning and disinfecting machine in the dental practice!

Many dentists are choosing to install a Miele Thermodisinfector because it frees up much more time for their staff to spend chairside. Load all of your dental instruments into the machine, hit start and come back later to find them clean and dry! This significant advantage alone may tempt you to purchase such a time-saving thermal disinfector. However, we understand if you have a few more questions before jumping into the investment. That’s why we’ve put together this useful guide, answering all the common questions dentists and technicians have concerning the operation of the Miele Thermodisinfector.

How long will it take to clean my instruments?

For the most reliable results when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting, it is recommended that you use the Vario TD (thermal disinfection) cycle, which lasts for just over 40 minutes. If you want to utilise the Miele Thermodisinfector’s convenient Eco-Dry function, this will take an additional 7 to 10 minutes. However, you can set the door on your Miele Thermo disinfector to open automatically after the cycle, releasing moisture and assisting with drying. And remember, the chamber in this thermal disinfector is quite large so that you can fit a wide range of dental instruments inside for bulk cleaning.

What types of dental instruments can be cleaned and disinfected in the Miele Thermodisinfector?

Most of your dental instruments can be cleaned using the Miele Thermodisinfector. This includes your handpieces(must have the Thermodisinfector symbol), mirrors and even some smaller hollow instruments. However, you may need to purchase specific baskets, inserts or cassettes to protect equipment during the cycle. PH levels may also need to be adjusted according to the type of instruments you are cleaning or reprocessing. The Miele Thermodisinfector is extremely adaptable and can be fitted with a wide variety of cassettes to ensure the safe disinfection of your dental clinic’s most commonly used instruments.

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Should I use cassettes?

Yes! Cassettes are the best method as they separate your instruments and prevent scratching and blockages within the machine. It will ensure the longevity of both your dental instruments and your Miele Thermodisinfector.

Do I still need to sterilise instruments that have been processed by the Miele Thermodisinfector?

While the Miele Thermodisinfector plays an integral part in the overall sterilisation process, it will only clean and disinfect your instruments. Therefore, you still need to sterilise your equipment after it has gone through a cycle.

Do instruments need to be scrubbed before they are put through a cycle?

This will be the best news you’ve heard all day – there’s no need for scrubbing! The Miele Thermodisinfector is designed to cut down on labour time, which means the pre-wash cycle removes any protein or particles on the instruments before undergoing a deep clean. Another massive benefit of eliminating scrubbing is that your employees will experience fewer sharps incidents, making your clinic much safer!

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Do you have any further questions regarding the Miele Thermodisinfector? Dental Depot is happy to help! Contact us today to learn more about the Miele Thermodisinfector; a machine that won’t sacrifice quality even though it champions quantity!