How To Maintain A COVID Safe Practice

How To Maintain A COVID Safe Practice
October 6, 2020 Vividus Admin

By now, we’ve all realised that there is no quick fix or easy solution to COVID-19. We have to accept that, for now, this is our new normal and learn how best to continue our daily lives. As a dental practice owner or manager, that means making some longer-term adaptations to your practice and how you run it. The good news is there are some pretty effective measures you can take to ensure that your business is a safe space for both your staff and your patients.

Remote Consultations

When you only need to do a consultation with a patient or perhaps discuss a procedure and treatment plan, there is no need for you to see them in person. These conversations can be carried out over video call, reducing the number of people both you and your patient come into contact with and generally reducing foot traffic through your practice.

Split Up AGP & Non-AGPs

It’s been scientifically proven that ‘Aerosol Generating Procedures’ increase the risk of virus transmission. Have non-AGPs in the morning and reserve the afternoon or end of day for AGPs to prevent cross-contamination.

Digital Check-In

Using a digital machine for patients to check themselves in when they arrive for their appointment means that most people won’t be required to interact with your receptionist, which helps to protect both parties. Just make sure you leave wipes or sanitiser for patients to clean the screen, and you should also have staff cleaning your digital check-in machine at regular intervals.

Online Booking System

Encourage your patients to make their appointments online or over the phone rather than popping into the practice and creating unnecessary person-to-person interaction.

Take Temperatures

Take the temperature of your staff at the beginning of each day as well as anyone who walks through the door of your practice to ensure it’s within the normal range. This should extend to patients, parents, guardians and any visitors.

Protective Screens

Place protective screens around your receptionist desk to prevent people from getting to close or accidentally spreading germs while interacting with your staff. You can also place protective screens in your waiting area between chairs or waiting zones, to help keep your patients safe and make them feel more at ease.


Try to implement automation where you can throughout your practice to minimise high traffic touchpoints. This could include automatic doors, motion sensor taps in your bathrooms and encouraging your patients to use contactless payment when possible.

Online Forms & Signatures

Most practices will have various documentation that they give to patients, as well as forms to be signed. Make sure you have PDF versions of these, as well as your patients up to date email addresses, so you can simply email them the necessary paperwork instead of giving them physical versions. You can also ask patients to sign any forms with an e-signature.

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