Introducing the Brand NEW A-dec 500 chair & Showroom Demonstration Event!

Introducing the Brand NEW A-dec 500 chair & Showroom Demonstration Event!
August 7, 2019 Vividus Admin

In a world of complex technology and noise, we invite you to experience intelligent simplicity and infallible peace of mind of the brand new A-dec 500 chair.

Dental Depot is excited to announce the A-dec 500 chair and showroom demonstration event that illustrates technological advancements in dental equipment to help dental practitioners and industry professionals meet modern-day demands.

Experience the brand new A-dec 500 char – ‘A Legend Redefined’

During this session, Dental Depot will introduce attendees to the new A-dec 500, as well as demonstrating how the technology works. Designed to function holistically and intuitively, the new A-dec 500 quietly slips into the background, reacting to your every move, without pause.

The demonstration will focus on the latest technology, ergonomics around the A-dec dental chair and best practices for patient positioning by professionals.

Here are some key features of the A-dec chair that you get to experience at the event:

Optimal Access – Get in close and position everything you need within reach.

Flexible Integration – What you need today, with the flexible design that will let you configure the clinical instruments you choose in the future.

Intelligent Controls – Customise the controls to your every need, new medical glass touchpad ensuring you are in control, with the lightweight touch controls you control your environment. On the traditional delivery, the touchpad is movable to both sides simply, effortlessly ensuring the operator always knows the settings.

Superior Care – Comfort for both patient and operator are a highlight ensuring a superior experience for all.

Positive Positioning – Smoothly and precisely situate the delivery where you want it and count on it staying. Effortless positioning the delivery with one hand or maybe just a finger. Automatic braking, let go the handle the delivery stops.

Attentive Design – accommodates a wide range of patient sizes now with an increased weight lifting capacity to 227kg.

Advanced Air ‘High speed, air-driven perfections’

Apart from the new A-dec 500 chair, you will get the unique opportunity to explore the world’s first air-driven high-speed handpiece at the event. The handpiece comes with an adjustable bur speed and constant removal rate even with increasing pressure. Not only do dentists get to see it in action, but you can also compare it with existing technology present at our showroom.

The air-driven handpiece and is controlled via the new Intelligent Control touchpad integrates into the new A-dec 500 seamlessly. The light-weight and quiet device operates between 60,000 and 320,000RPM making it the ideal solution for busy dental practitioners.

Event Details
Wedednesy, August 21 at 6:30 pm
Location: Dental Depot, 1/121 Newmarket Rd, WINDSOR, QLD, 4030
Duration: 2 hours with light snacks.

Only 20 seats are available. Please register early to avoid disappointment.