Is Social Media Really Necessary for Dentists?

Is Social Media Really Necessary for Dentists?
February 21, 2020 Vividus Admin

When it comes to social media for dental practices, there are a lot of varying opinions and attitudes out there. Some people think it’s pointless and irrelevant, some think it would simply be jumping on the bandwagon, while others believe social media has massively benefited their practice. At Dental Depot, in our experience, the latter statement is, by far, the most accurate. Below are 3 of the biggest reasons you should begin embracing social media today:

Be Visible

Whether you like it or not pretty much EVERYONE is on social media these days; your patients, potential patients, and your competitors. If you aren’t on social media you’re automatically putting yourself at a disadvantage and losing a major opportunity. If you’re appearing on your patient’s newsfeeds then it serves as a subtle reminder to them that perhaps it’s time to book an appointment. Also, if you aren’t appearing on the phone and computer screens of your patients, then you can be sure another dental clinic or dentist is so not only are you running the risk of not expanding your patient list but you could also be leaving yourself open to a loss of patients.

Branding and Marketing

Long gone are the days where you could simply think up a clinic name, create a logo and get the odd flyer made (though we definitely don’t have anything against flyers). Social media is the perfect way to create a brand for your clinic, get your name out there and advertise your services and any promos you may have on. Rather than hearing about a company on an expensive to air radio or TV ad or perhaps even asking a friend for a recommendation, the first thing people do today when looking for a service is unlock their phone and do a quick Facebook or Instagram search. Without an appealing brand and consistent presence on social media, your practice will quickly become overlooked.

Project your Practice Values

In 2020, people no longer just pay attention to the services you are providing, Consumers are tuned in to the kind of company they’re supporting and investing their money into. Social media allows you to give your practice a voice that projects attitudes, morals, and personality. Whether it be sharing a post about sustainable business practices, posting photos introducing your staff and dentists or simply sharing a video of cute dogs, people are more attracted to services and businesses that they feel they can relate to on a more personal level.

At Dental Depot, our years of experience working with countless different dentists has given us some amazing insight into what works for dental practices and what doesn’t. This is what allows us to offer such effective and tailor-made solutions to our clients when it comes to dental equipment. To learn more about our service get in touch with us today!