New Year’s Resolutions for your Dental Practice

New Year’s Resolutions for your Dental Practice
January 14, 2020 Vividus Admin

Most of us tend to go into a new year with a new sense of resolve and some kind of resolutions and goals for what we’re going to achieve in the upcoming year. Rather than simply making personal changes in the new year, have you considered the possibility of also making a new year’s resolution for your dental practice? We have, and the good news is that some pretty simple changes could turn 2020 into a very successful year for you and your practice. Below we have listed our top 3 new year’s resolutions for dentists and anyone working in the dental industry:

Update your website

With 2020 now underway, having an up to date and user-friendly website is more important than ever. Your website is often the first impression potential patients will get of your practice and consumers have high expectations when it comes to the digital sphere these days. If your website is stagnant, difficult to use or has information which is obviously out of date, most potential users will immediately click off of your website and go looking elsewhere. For your new year’s resolution, why not make the decision to do fortnightly updates on your website even if it’s just a minor update or clean-up?


Patient testimonials can be one of the most powerful marketing tools that a dental practice has, yet they are surprisingly underestimated and underused by a lot of dentists. When you have a patient that you have been treating for a long time, they must feel that you’re doing something right. Next time they come in for an appointment, ask them if they wouldn’t mind writing a couple of sentences on what exactly it is that keeps them coming back. Or if you have a new patient who seems particularly happy with their treatment or your services, you should also ask them if they wouldn’t mind writing a brief testimonial. For the most part, people tend not to mind giving up a couple of minutes of their time and these testimonials can be added to your website, shared on social media and added to any printed advertisements or brochures that you may do.

Get Involved in the Community

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to commit to a monthly beach clean up or weekly outreach program, but getting your team involved in a volunteer activity once or twice a year can make a significant difference on the way that your local community views you. This is an excellent opportunity to connect with people in the area who could potentially become patients and also allows people to get to know you as a team of actual people. A practice that projects a sense of personality and values is much more appealing and relatable.

At Dental Depot, we have years of experience working with countless different dental practices, so we have invaluable first-hand knowledge of what can really boost the success and longevity of your practice- especially when it comes to dental equipment! If you would like to learn more about our services and how we can benefit your practice, get in touch with us today!