The Benchtop Equipment Every Dental Practice Needs

The Benchtop Equipment Every Dental Practice Needs
November 26, 2017 Vividus Admin

Every dental practice has benchtop equipment that’s used on a daily basis. In fact, you probably use these items so frequently that they’re like a toaster or a coffee machine – you take no real notice of them until they break or malfunction.

For this reason, it’s essential to ensure that your benchtop equipment is long-lasting, reliable and easy to maintain. You want a stress-free workplace, right? Here are the top five benchtop items that we think every dental practice needs. Plus, some helpful tips for choosing the best quality models available.

1. Quality ultrasonic baths

Benchtop Equipment Every Dental Practice Needs

Ultrasonic baths are a very effective way to clean your dental instruments. These baths remove organic contaminants, residues, stains, grease and wax, ensuring that every hard-to-reach crevice is sparkly clean. Ultrasonic baths use cavitation (i.e. bubbles created by sound waves) to clean the surfaces of your instruments. However, they’re not a steriliser, so it’s essential to follow up your processes in the sterilisation room after they’ve been cleaned.

Our ultrasonic baths are constructed from stainless steel, offering both built-in heating and intuitive controls. Sizes vary from 3 litres to 12 litres.

2. Durable curing lights

Benchtop Equipment Every Dental Practice Needs

Lightweight and highly efficient at curing resin-based composites, curing lights are an everyday essential for nearly every dental surgery. There are many things to consider when selecting a curing light for your practice, but the focus of your search should be on quality. The curing lights you choose should be comfortable in your hand and easy to manoeuvre around your patient’s mouths. You’ll also want to consider how long a full charge will last, what adjustable settings you require and the warranty backing the product’s performance.

Discover an exciting and reliable balance of intensity and durability with our economic JR-CL17 curing light. A full charge can be used for more than 200 times continuously! As long as the light is working, the intensity will remain the same, and will not be affected by a low battery.

3. Precision Amalgamators / Mixers

Benchtop Equipment Every Dental Practice Needs

Every dental practice needs a mixer that ensures restorative materials (like amalgam and glass-ionomer) are precisely and consistently mixed every time. When choosing a benchtop mixer, it’s important to look for a model with high mixing frequency, low noise levels, excellent stability and an ergonomic design.

It’s also a smart idea to select a model that’s easy to clean and maintenance-free, so you don’t have to waste precious time cleaning things. The less you have to do the better, right?

4. High-speed water distillers

Benchtop Equipment Every Dental Practice Needs

An essential for every dental practice benchtop, water distillers produce high-quality water for a fraction of the cost of bottled water. Protect your expensive dental equipment and ensure patient safety with water that’s been boiled and purified. Just plug in on your countertop, and you’re good to go!

The Dental Depot HS Water Distiller heats ordinary tap water to 100° C in a stainless-steel boiling chamber, killing all bacteria, cysts and viruses that may be present. It can produce approximately 4 litres of distilled water in 3.5 hours.

5. Multifunction oral hygiene units

Benchtop Equipment Every Dental Practice Needs

When you’re looking for periodontic, endodontic, scaling, MI applications or implant maintenance equipment, the most important thing to consider is functionality. A multi-function benchtop unit will provide versatility and the ability to offer effective treatments across a wide range of applications.

The NSK Varios 970 is the perfect example of this. Fitted with two irrigation bottles, this stylish, affordable and compact unit has everything you need for a seamless dental experience.

Never underestimate the power of your benchtop dental equipment. Are you looking to upgrade? Check out our product range or send us an online enquiry today to find out how we can help you!