Why your practice needs a technical support team

Why your practice needs a technical support team
December 19, 2018 Vividus Admin

Dentists use a wide range of tools and equipment every day. From handpieces to autoclaves, ultrasonic baths to curing lights, it can become difficult to stay on top of maintenance and repairs. But if you fail to do so, this can only lead to difficult times ahead for yourself, your practice and your patients.

Broken or dysfunctional dental equipment often results in expensive downtime, disgruntled patients and a negative reputation for your practice. So how do you juggle all of your duties as a dentist and practice manager, as well as keeping a close eye on every piece of equipment in your clinic? By hiring a technical support team to take care of all your dental equipment requirements. That means servicing, emergency repairs, validation reports and staff training. You’ll be astounded at how much extra time you have to see patients and focus on managerial duties without having to worry about the continued functionality of your equipment. Here’s what a technical support team can do for your practice.

Fast emergency repairs.

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When a vital piece of equipment in your dental clinic breaks down, you need repairs and you need them fast! Downtime is expensive for your practice, and asking patients to rebook appointments is an inconvenience that can lead to them abandoning ship and seeking services elsewhere. A technical support team such as Dental Depot can offer emergency repairs for broken down dental equipment. Better yet, if your gear cannot be fixed on the first call-out, Dental Depot can arrange for rental equipment to take its place while yours is being repaired. Never again get stuck losing money and losing patients when essential dental machinery breaks down!

Regular safety checks and validation.

Ensure that you are following all health and safety regulations and compliance standards by having an experienced dental equipment technician test and validate your gear. Dental Depot’s technical support team are skilled in performing autoclave validations to Australian Standard AS/NZS 4815:2006. You will receive a full report on your autoclave, including evidence of traceability so that you can rest assured that everything is in working order. Dental Depot’s dental equipment technicians can also complete full checkups on your other machines, adhering to the Adec 55-point checklist. Each report generated by a professional technician will outline any equipment that requires further attention or repairs to be operating at a safe standard.

Prolonged equipment lifespan & fewer surprise breakdowns.

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Conducting regular maintenance on your equipment means that it will last longer. Waiting to repair or replace a worn component until it starts affecting your practice is not a smart move. Being proactive about servicing your dental equipment will ensure that it enjoys a long lifespan in your clinic. It also means that you experience fewer surprise breakdowns and avoid the stress that these incidents cause. A technical support team will remind you when your equipment is ready for servicing and promptly address any operational issues so that you can carry on with business as usual. Dental Depot makes organising dental equipment maintenance simple with an easily accessible online portal where you can book service appointments and check the progress of repairs.

Better knowledge of your equipment.

The dental equipment in your practice is an investment. You want to get the most out of it. That means knowing how to operate it efficiently, utilising all features and ensuring that each staff member has a clear understanding of how it works. What’s the point in purchasing cutting-edge dental technology if no one knows how to use it? This is why Dental Depot’s technical support team regularly conduct staff training seminars so that everyone in your practice is on the same page when it comes to operating a new piece of equipment. You want to know more than what the manual can tell you, and face to face lessons with equipment experts is a much more effective way of achieving this.

Do you think your clinic could benefit from the ongoing assistance of a technical support team? Contact Dental Depot today! Our dental equipment technicians service practices in South-East Queensland, Central Queensland and Northern NSW.