10 Reasons To Invest In New Dental Equipment

10 Reasons To Invest In New Dental Equipment
April 5, 2018 Vividus Admin

If you’re umming and ahhing about whether or not to invest in new dental equipment, we understand that there may be a few things holding you back. The cost of the equipment and training new staff can be obstacles that are difficult to jump over.

But we want to help you traverse these barriers! There are so many reasons why choosing to buy new dental equipment could be the best step for improving your practice. Here’s why you should take the leap.

1. Prevent breakdowns.

It’s no secret that old equipment is more likely to break down, and it often happens at the most inconvenient times. The last thing you want is your autoclave packing it in when you have a week full of back-to-back appointments. Breakdowns result in lost time, lost money and disgruntled patients. Investing in newer, more reliable equipment will prevent surprise equipment malfunctions and extended practice downtime.

2. Increase patient peace of mind.

Is your handpiece starting to sound tired? Do you find that the noise it emits is off-putting for your patients? The latest models of handpieces are made with patient comfort in mind. Upgrades include minimising noise and vibration, and maximising efficiency in design so that your patient is in the chair for less time.

3. Make check-ups and routine procedures quicker.

Old, worn out equipment slows you down. You need to make up the lost time elsewhere, and this can be frustrating, especially when you know faster models are available. Sterilisation equipment, in particular, is continually improving to be faster, without sacrificing quality. Did you know that you could have your handpiece sterilised and lubricated in just ten seconds with the W&H Assistina Twin? Make routine check-ups a breeze for both yourself and your patients with the latest equipment.

4. Land more recurring patients.

What do patients want? They want trust, reliability, punctuality and safety. They want to know that you have it all under control. Is your outdated dental equipment preventing you from maintaining recurring patients? Is it slowing you down and causing clumsiness that your patients can see? Instil confidence in your patients by having the latest equipment that assists your practice in running smoothly. Updated equipment, combined with a smile and warm personality will have them returning every time!

5. Reduce the risk of infection.

Sterilisation is one of the most critical safety features of your practice. So it goes without saying that you need to ensure that your sterilisation equipment is up-to-date. Discoveries are continually being made regarding infection control, and it’s important to stay on top of these. Replacing outdated sterilisation equipment is just one of the ways that you can ensure that you’re putting your patient’s safety first, always.

10 Reasons To Invest In New Dental Equipment
10 Reasons To Invest In New Dental Equipment

6. Gain a reputation as a cutting-edge practice.

You don’t want to be known as that practice with the tired looking dental chairs that haven’t changed for twenty years. While we like the sentiment behind the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover,” patients often do. And can you blame them, when their health is on the line? If the equipment in your practice is starting to look old and outdated, a patient will be quick to assume that so too are your methods. Choose new equipment that will impress your patients and make your job easier. Intra-oral cameras, for instance, assist patients in understanding their own oral hygiene and prove that your practice is keeping up with ever-changing technology.

7. Upskill your staff.

Do you offer your staff enough incentive to remain loyal to your practice? A friendly disposition, while important, is not the only thing that will prevent a high turnaround of employees. By offering training in new machinery, you’ll be both retaining staff with valuable skills and assisting them in furthering their careers.

8. Stay ahead of your competition.

Imagine this. The dentist down the road is using new equipment to digitise files, making referrals to specialists ten times easier for their patients. They convert patient x-rays to a digital format and send them directly to the specialist. Your practice is still working in a paper format, taking days to get x-rays to specialists and continuously making mistakes because of missing links in your paper trails. Which practice do you think a new customer is going to pick? Stay one step ahead of your competitors by using new equipment that makes patients lives easier. It’s always a massive selling point for your practice.

9. Streamline your data.

Manual input of data is tedious and time-consuming. As is constantly checking the calendar to ensure that routine backups of patient and sterilisation data are being kept. But with many new models of equipment, this all simply happens automatically. The W&H Lisa Very Auto, for example, sends information regarding every single sterilisation cycle directly to your computer. This provides better traceability and significantly decreases the number of hard files you need to keep in your practice. Declutter and simplify your data with new equipment that automatically speaks to each other.

10. Experience a more efficient dental practice.

You’ll be amazed at how much smoother your practice runs with new, reliable and efficient equipment. No breakdowns, no lengthy waits for equipment to be sterilised, no delayed appointments and no annoyed patients. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? It’s not. This can be your everyday reality. Browse the latest, cutting-edge dental equipment at Dental Depot today to take your practice to the next level!