How To Advertise Your Dental Practice Using Social Media

How To Advertise Your Dental Practice Using Social Media
September 23, 2019 Vividus Admin

In 2019 every business, from law firms to dental practices to fashion boutiques, should have a social media presence. Not only has it become an expectation in consumers but it is also an extremely effective way to engage with your patients and gain a deeper understanding of your audience- something which is crucial for every business today. Below are 3 of the golden rules to follow when advertising your dental practice on social media:

Two Way Conversation

Long gone are the days of broadcasting a one-sided monologue through TV, radio and print ads. Whether it be on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or all four, you should be using social media to engage in a two-way conversation with your patients and potential patients. Today more than ever, consumers expect to see a human side to any service provider that they opt for. Rather than only putting self-promotional information out on social media, show that you care about their perspective and what they have to say. Not only will this make you more appealing to patients and the public but it also gives you a major advantage as it allows you to gain very valuable insight into your audience. Here are some examples of questions you could put out there:

    • What do they like least about the dentist?
    • What concerns them most about their oral healthcare?
    • How do you decide which dentist to go to?
    • What entertains them?

By understanding how your patients are feeling, both in regards to the dentist and just generally, you will be able to provide a much more human and appealing service which will leave patients coming back to your practice for years to come.

Post Engaging Content

Again, this is about getting out of the self-promotional mindset. Consumers are clever and have access to a wealth of information at their fingertips, so usually they can see right through your attempts at the blatant promotion of your practice, and quickly get bored. As a general rule of thumb, you should incorporate the 80/20 ratio into your practice’s social media strategy. This means that around 80% of your social media content should be purely for the entertainment and/or interest of your audience with only 20% being focused on the promotion of your brand with persuasive Calls-To-Action etc.

Your 80% engaging content should be a mixture of images, videos, blogs, infographics and anything else really that you find on social media. The good news is that some of this content can simply be shared from other social media accounts. Follow brands and influencers whose values align with the morals and practices of your company and simply share content that you think your audience will enjoy.

Be Consistent

  • Timing
    You must post consistently in order to reap the benefits of a social media account. You cannot post three times in one week then wait another fortnight before posting again. We aren’t saying that you need to spend hours each day trying to capture the perfect ‘sorta candid, sorta planned’ shot for Insta. Just try to make a bit of a social media plan by making a calendar or even just a folder of content on your computer. Posting sporadically and inconsistently on social media can make your business look a bit flaky.
  • Tone and Voice
    Regardless of your industry, every business should have an idea of the kind of values, practices and ideals that it would like to portray. When you have determined what these are, use your voice on social media to create a more rounded and overarching image of your business. Be consistent in the kind of voice you are projecting and the style that you are using on social media. You can vary your tone depending on the kind of content you are posting but if you are consistently posting factual and scientific content, your audience will find it inauthentic if you randomly switch to a comedic tone for one or two posts.

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