Introducing W&H's Latest Handpieces: Synea Vision & Fusion

Introducing W&H’s Latest Handpieces: Synea Vision & Fusion
May 17, 2018 Vividus Admin

W&H’s Synea range of handpieces are taking the dental market by storm. They’re versatile, ergonomic, convenient and 100% sterilisable.

Both the Synea Vision and the Synea Fusion incorporate a power blade rotor into their design, ensuring maximum torque and greater efficiency. The industry-leading hygienic head system found in the Synea models is just another reason why Dentists around the world are snatching up these handpieces. The air in the turbine head is continually circulating to eliminate the risk of aerosol particles being sucked in as the rotor slows down. Both the Vision and the Fusion have incredible illumination capabilities and are the world’s first sterilisable turbine pieces.

Read on to find out more about the Synea Vision and the Synea Fusion, and the massive savings Dental Depot are providing on these products for the month of May!

Synea Vision

The Synea Vision (W&H TK series) is the latest in W&H cutting-edge handpiece design. Its features ensure safer, more efficient treatment and incomparably convenient operation.


The Synea Vision is available in both straight and contra-angle handpiece structures. It comes in four models ranging in head size from 9mm to 13mm in diameter, with an rpm of 410000 to 330000. The Synea Vision includes an extensive turbine range for every treatment scenario, including:

    • Micro-turbine to reduce invasiveness.
    • TK-100 turbine specifically for removing crowns and bridges.

Vibration free

The ceramic ball bearings within the Synea Vision reduce vibration for a quieter, more comfortable procedure for both dentist and patient.

Scratch-resistant surface

Extend the life of your handpiece with a scratch-resistant surface. No matter how many times you put your handpiece through extensive sterilisation procedures, it won’t scratch. In fact, both Synea handpieces can be placed through thermo washers for stringent disinfecting and sterilising practices.

Illumination with zero shadows

The Synea Vision enjoys unobstructed illumination with an industry leading 5-ring LED+ light. There’s no need to gain a better position for optimum light when full illumination is so easily achievable.

Synea Fusion

The cost efficiency of the Synea Fusion (W&H TG series) is simply unbeatable. Incorporating high-performance Synea turbines with outstanding ergonomics, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more competitive price for a high-quality handpiece.


The Synea Fusion combines quality with affordability in a handpiece that is perfectly balanced and carefully designed. It’s sturdy, reliable and excellent value for money.


Achieve a larger illumination field with LED+, which provides optimal contrast and advanced colour rendering.

Quattro spray

Experience safer cooling with a four-port spray designed for superior, consistent cleaning of the treatment site.


The ceramic ball bearings and quiet rotor present in the Synea Fusion, provide lower noise output during treatment. This results in a more comfortable experience for both dentist and patient, and also reduces vibration for better grip and positioning.

Do you want to purchase a handpiece from the W&H Synea range? Dental Depot is offering an exclusive discount of over 33% on both the Synea Vision and Synea Fusion until the end of May. Contact us today to order your package.