NEW RioSensor Intraoral Radiography System from Ray Medical

NEW RioSensor Intraoral Radiography System from Ray Medical
July 10, 2018 Vividus Admin

If you’re looking for high-quality x-rays with a fantastic resolution, without exposing patients to large doses of radiation, an intraoral sensor is the way to go.

Ray, global experts in x-ray imaging for both the dental and medical industries, have released an X-Ray Sensor that combines functionality and comfort with high-res x-ray images. The RIOSensor is compact, durable and practical. It’s an asset to any dental practice and here’s why.

Designed for patient comfort

The slimline, rounded design of the RIOSensor is purposefully built to fit comfortably in the patient’s mouth. The sensor comes in two sizes, both of which are only 5.3mm thick! Size one is just 39x25mm, and size two is 42x30mm. When you think about it, that isn’t much larger than a Cadbury Favourites Mini Block!

Incredibly Durable

The RioSensor is both strong and durable, made to withstand heavy daily wear and tear. It will battle through being bitten and dropped with its robust shock absorption system. The two-metre long cable is flexible and hard-wearing. The RioSensor is also entirely watertight, making sterilisation a breeze.

NEW RioSensor Intraoral Radiography System from Ray Medical

Superior clarity

You can achieve a pixel size of 20μm by 20μm with the RIOSensor, and an image resolution of 25 lp/mm. Zoom in on images to examine problem areas and send to referrals without losing any image quality. Choose from custom x-ray filters to gain better clarity, tweak sharpness and contrast, and enhance diagnostics.

Increased convenience

This intraoral radiography system will have your practice running like clockwork in no time – obtaining and inspecting images has never been so easy! Plug the RIOSensor directly into your laptop and start using it straight away; no control box is needed! Display and store images with user-friendly LED Imaging Software. Save and promptly send high-res images to specialist referrals. You’ll be surprised at how much more efficiently you can work with the RioSensor at your disposal!

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