NSK Story Origins - Where it all began!

NSK Story Origins – Where it all began!
September 26, 2018 Vividus Admin

NSK are global leaders in dental handpiece design and manufacturing. The company has been operating for over eighty years and remains committed to its lasting mission statement, “to create brilliant progress.” In this article, we take a look at the history of NSK and evaluate how their origin story has become the foundation of their lasting success.

Where it all began.

In 1930, Keiichi Nakanishi established the first NSK site in Tokyo as “Nakanishi Manufacturing.” Nakanishi’s passion for, and knowledge of, precision engineering led to a focus on micro-manufacturing of the finest quality. Nakanishi created Japan’s first dental rotary handpiece and was determined to develop lasting relationships with his customers. At first, each handpiece was made individually and personally delivered by Nakanishi himself. Even though today high production demands make face-to-face delivery impractical, NSK still strive to have one of the best support systems in place for their customers.

In-house production.

NSK’s commitment to perfection means that attention to every detail during the manufacturing process is paramount. To maintain a high level of production and accuracy, NSK fabricates 90% of all precision parts in-house. Outsourcing is not in their nature. Quality control is taken very seriously, and the sales team’s energy is focused on finding the highest grade of raw material for in-house fabrication. When you purchase an NSK handpiece, you can rest assured that each of its sixty tiny components has undergone stringent testing.

Detailed training & proactive investment.

While the 2300 handpieces that NSK factories produce every day may not be handmade by Nakanishi’s grandson, the current CEO of the company, they are still manufactured with the finest of detail. NSK invest a significant amount of time and money into daily training for over 800 staff in their factories. The company is also continually reinvesting in new technology and hire highly adaptable and motivated staff to keep up with these advancements. NSK is often the first to incorporate new technology into their handpiece designs, constantly improving their products to offer enhanced convenience for their customers.

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Precision & personalisation, always.

NSK handpieces are lightweight, durable, quiet, compact and have the fastest rotation capabilities on the market. NSK’s after-sales process is incomparable, with factory certified technical service guaranteed for the duration of your handpieces life. Unlike so many mechanical and technological products these days, NSK’s superior range of handpieces are made to last and work efficiently and accurately for the entire duration of their lifespan. An NSK handpiece is an investment that provides personal support as part of the product package.

But what makes NSK so popular compared to its competitors? It isn’t just their swift adoption of cutting-edge technology and expertly crafted handpieces. It’s their astoundingly personal approach to customer service, a quality that is a standout drawcard for a global company of such far-reaching proportions. NSK export their intricately crafted handpieces to over 130 countries. And each dentist or clinician who purchases an NSK handpiece receives outstanding customer support from the moment of enquiry, throughout the entire lifespan of their instrument.

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