Product Showcase: W&H Lina Autoclave

Product Showcase: W&H Lina Autoclave
July 3, 2018 Vividus Admin

The W&H Lina Autoclave is one of the best Class B benchtop autoclaves in the dental industry. W&H offers one of their most advanced patented water separation sterilisation systems, available in both 17 litres and 22 litres. With a variety of features and optional add-ons, this autoclave has an excellent price to performance ratio. If you want your dental practice to include one of the best value for money sterilisers in the industry, then the Lina Autoclave is for you!

Keep reading to discover the many advantages of the W&H Lina Autoclave and how it can save you time and money.

Product Showcase: W&H Lina Autoclave

The W&H Lina Autoclave has many amazing features, including:

  • A quiet operation with the ECO B Cycle, which reduces cycle time by HALF!
  • A user-friendly keypad for simple navigation to the many sterilisation options.
  • A built-in dust filter that protects the internal components.
  • A programmable cycle start, and automatic digital cycle recording on a USB stick (optional add-on).

Sterilisation Settings

The W&H Lina Autoclave provides three sterilisation cycles with a type B classification. This signifies that they are capable of sterilising all types of dental equipment: full solid, porous, hollow A and B, plastics, rubber, unwrapped, bagged, single or double wrapped.

Simple and Expandable

The W&H Lina Autoclave is designed to adapt to your practice demands. Simple to use, expandable data storage and accessories including the LisaSafe Label Printer makes this a must for every practice.

What’s Included in the Lina Autoclave

W&H’s Lina Autoclave steriliser comes with a reversible rack, three aluminium trays, a funnel, drain tube, wall spacer and tray holder. The Lina Autoclave also includes a fast guide Declaration of Conformity, documentation CD, a warranty card, a works test report and maintenance sheet.

Do you want to provide your customers with one of the most comprehensive sterilisers in the industry? Is your current steriliser in need of an upgrade? Do not hesitate. Give us a call now to order the new W&H Lina Autoclave!