Should I Get The Lisa Or Lara Autoclave?

Should I Get The Lisa Or Lara Autoclave?
August 11, 2020 Vividus Admin

At Dental Depot, we love the Lisa and Lara autoclaves equally but for different reasons. Each steriliser has its unique advantages and purposes, so we decided to lay them all out for you and give you an idea of what each machine is all about to help make sure you make the right choice for your practice.

The New Lisa Steriliser

The first Lisa VA was released in 2015 with a range of innovative features. Moving into 2020, the next generation Lisa VA is now available with additional features to enhance the sterilisation, hygiene, and maintenance workflow at your dental practice.

From The Outside

Smooth surfaces, a fresh, ergonomic design, and an incredible crystal clear colour display. The menu structure and the artificial intelligence behind it turn high-end B type sterilizing into one of the most simple, comfortable, and safest systems globally. The Lisa is perfect for full infection control within your daily work. 

From The Inside 

Internally there are so many elements, so much incredible technology and so many parts that are completely integrated, in the right place, and ready to serve and fulfil the daily requirements of a high-end B type steriliser.

Advantages Of The New Lisa 

  • New: The EliTrace System to trace the sterilization status of single instruments/kits using a preinstalled/individualized databank via Display or App
  • New: The EliSense information system consists of Status Sense, Temperature Sense, and Smart Sense and communicates via display/LEDs
    • Status Sense: the current status of the cycle at a glance (different LED colours)
    • Temperature Sense: warns if the load is too hot to be touched when the chamber is already open (LED Colour)
    • Smart Sense: additional information via Display to optimize the workflow and to receive reminders of upcoming tests
  • New: Clear Crystal Colour Touch-Display
  • New: New Design for better ergonomics and cleaning

The New Lara Steriliser

Lara is a brand new member of the W&H Sterilisation range. The Lara is a steriliser with an upgradeable system that grows with your practice.

Incredible Outside

You don’t need to be a lover of design to appreciate the new Lara sterilizers. Their smooth surfaces are comfortable to the touch, the instruments are easy to load, and the flat colour screen displays allow you to quickly and easily navigate the intelligent menu structure.

Incredible Inside

Discover the new W&H Lara sterilizers down to the smallest detail. So many components perfectly arranged to offer you complete satisfaction by simplifying the sterilization process while providing you with comprehensive documentation. Unique upgradeability allows you to customise your new Lara sterilizer with your personal needs and to comply with regulatory requirements.

Advantages Of The New Lara

  • New Brand: With the introduction of the new Lara autoclaves, we are offering a completely new midrange sterilizer with unique upgradeability for future or individual demands
  • The Design: Ergonomic and functional, including the colour touch display and user-centered menu structure
  • The Traceability/Documentation: Includes 8GB USB data logger, gateway compatibility, optional cycle report printer, and label printer
  • Upgradeability Through Activation Codes: 4 Activation Codes available to individualize and upgrade the sterilizer on-demand:
    • Activation Code “Performance” -> upgrade Eco-Dry+ System
    • Activation Code “Fast Cycle” -> upgrade Fast cycle (S) for unwrapped handpieces
    • Activation Code “Traceability” -> upgrade User Identification and Load Release Option
    • Activation Code “All in One” -> complete upgrade based on all three additional features

If you’re interested in upgrading your practice with the new Lisa or Lara autoclave or have a few questions about our products and services, get in touch with us at Dental Depot today!